Welcome to the VisibleNation

Company name: Visible Nation

Nature of business: The world’s first social comparison service

Locations/also markets Visible Nation operate in: Locations: UK & Russia. Markets: UK, U.S., India, Russia, with more to come

Contact information: Visiblenation LTD, 2nd floor 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY, UK
Key executives: Allan Ireland Park (Founder)

Brief history of the company: Visible launched in 2013 to help change the world by introducing “social responsibility” to data.

Products/services offered: Visible Nation is the world’s first social comparison service. Our mission is to help you to make better choices by fundamentally changing the way you make your lifestyle decisions. 

We want to eliminate inaccurate information that distracts and confuses by creating a free online resource that will deliver personal insight based on comparisons, while protecting your privacy.
Join today, it’s free: http://www.visiblenation.com

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