Vertical Integration – Strategy for Acquiring Business Operations

Acquiring Business operations through Vertical Integration is a process of acquiring one or more of the processes mainly focused on the production process of a business. Vertical Integration is a strategy towards increasing the total production interface, or basically maintaining a procure view of reducing effective costs to increase overall profits.

Vertical Integration integrates a strategic environment towards acquiring a section of the business. This integration process offers a strategic strengthening for the supply chain process.

Most of the highly rated business process involves vertical integration strategy, where an industry having an upside towards production operation strategies takes over a part of the business. This divides the labour practices involving them in a way the benefits both an acquaintance and the business process

Strategical Approach for Acquiring Business Operation

Vertical Integration involves a set of flow process. These processes create a strategical opportunity for acquiring a part of businesses. It works in a way to take over total control of a stage of business. Vertical Integration procures into four different degrees and mainly three types. The three types are described as Inward Integration, Backward Integration, and Balanced Integration. Vertical Integration includes these four different degrees mentioned as Full Vertical Integration, Quasi Vertical Integration, Long-term contracts, Spot contracts.

Full vertical Integration involves taking over control over by acquiring all of the assets the business holds obtaining it is resources, research, development and their team of the experienced person to handle the business perspective in a nature that increases ease in processes.

Quasi Vertical Integration as the name describes takes over some of the parts of a business to obtain full control over a part of process mostly into production sectors.

Long-Term Contracts involves the strategy of acquiring a part of the business over a period of time, more than five years is termed as long contracts. The long-term contracts the process for a period of time. Long-term contracts are a kind of assurance towards a business process that it will grow in the future with increasing stability in a supply chain, profits, and business expansion.

Spot contracts are short term contracts which come into play as a need or a re-assurance towards the business expansion process. Acquiring business through spot contracts involves spot demands of increased production demands. The supply chain to increase the overall growth of the business. This process helps in improving the stability of the production process by the time the process gains full stability.

Vertical Integration acquires competitive advantage towards different strategies in managing the production process to strengthen the overall research and development. Industries like SpaceX and Amazon use different method vertical integration strategies to empower their production processes and supply chain. SpaceX integrates vertical integration to lower cost on it’s deliverable. The SpaceX is one modern method where the small industries logistics and expertise are used in a deliverable in a way reducing the time management ethics and increasing management in a field of respect where the industry is most accelerating.

Vertical Integration though has a certain degree of disappointment in different scales with different process flows. When it comes to acquiring businesses, there are a lot of policies to be worked out to understand proper flow of business. To understand the statistics, to develop a strategy that will benefit both the parties. This process needs a lot of research and money to develop new methods with keeping the process flow stagnant towards the ongoing businesses.

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