UK’s Annual Household Bills could be Slashed by over £8 Billion

billbutler, a new household assistant app, has launched to help UK consumers get better value for money on utility bills saving millions each year.

By comparing and switching energy suppliers or rates, each UK home could save around £300 each year on utility bills according to the latest Ofgem data[i]. With 27.2 million UK households[ii], it’s a collective sum of more than £8.1 billion!

Household expenses continue to rise year on year but who’s fighting the corner for the UK consumer? Even though the national market is dominated by only a few key providers, UK consumers still struggle to find cheaper alternatives and challenge the status quo.

In response to the growing financial strains, billbutler, a disruptive personal assistant app, increases the competition in the UK utilities market. It also empowers homeowners to remain in control of their bills, getting better value for money and staying ahead of the big energy providers.

Gurv Bassi, Director of billbutler, said: “Managing household payments is a chore; what’s more, comparison websites can be confusing with people likely to waste precious leisure time on life-admin. BillButler has been built to simplify the process and help homeowners across the UK save time and money to quickly receive information about the best deals out there. Our aim is to make paying household bills seamless, transparent and fair for UK consumers.”

billbutler, free to download, allows users to integrate, conveniently manage and pay their household bills in one place. The first household assistant app to also include water bill management with gas and electricity, billbutler has been built specifically with the consumer in mind. The app removes the pain of multiple utility bill management and allows the user to track how much they are paying on a single dashboard – they can even split payments and manage the payment of bills with friends and family through the apps in built direct messaging service.

This handy all-in-one household bill assistant alerts users when tariff contracts are up for renewal and constantly searches for better deals from a range of over 40 gas, electric and water suppliers – making switching simpler. Users can also view past statements, pay friends, send messages and switch tariffs all with just a few taps.

billbutler is available to download now for free on iOS and Android. By the end of 2018, users will be able to integrate a wider variety of household bills, from energy, mobile, car, insurance and even TV subscriptions such as Netflix.


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[ii]Office for National Statistics (ONS): Families and Households Report 2017


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