• 98% of new visitors to any given e-commerce website do not make a purchase due to inconvenience and lack of trust in new websites
  • Expressly reduces registration and payment processes from an average of 7 steps to 1-click
  • Expressly cuts through the noise of online shopping, suggesting bespoke shopping experiences across different websites and apps
  • Expressly built in less than 6 months a network of 200 online retailers, who acquire customers from other network members in a sector which demands convenience, security, and efficiency.

Expressly is a novel solution to the tedium of finding websites that are relevant to your wants or needs, and it also entirely eliminates the frustration of form filling whilst shopping online, a major cause of friction.

When first making a purchase from an unfamiliar online store, consumers have to go through an all too familiar procedure: register, create a password, verify email, add shipping address, billing address, a payment method and so on.

Although online shopping is getting ever more popular, the process of shopping online keeps getting lengthier and more complicated. If entering a new store was as complex (off-line), the equivalent image would be getting ID-checked before being allowed to walk into any high street store!

E-commerce is championed for its convenience, so surely there must be a way to cut through the noise and make online shopping the ‘1-click’ experience it’s supposed to be? – Enter Expressly…

Expressly is the brainchild of two London based ex-McKinsey consultants and entrepreneurs, FabrizioFantini & Andrea Tricoli; the Harvard and Columbia graduates, respectively, developed Expressly in response to their painful experience with new websites.

We found it really annoying – says Andrea – having to register with every new website, even when navigating from another one that already knew us: we were wasting so much time confirming our email over and over, typing our home address, and remembering weird coupon codes. We asked ourselves – is there a better way?

Expressly has the industry’s largest network of registered e-commerce stores and allows retailers to acquire customers from one another while providing their own consumers with offers which are in line with their buying habits, style, want and need. Expressly believes this cuts out the major

frustration of online shopping, while not compromising on security and privacy compliance.

“There are so many websites out there, finding ones that you really like and would buy from can be a time consuming nightmare – continues Andrea – and then up to 98% of new visitors never end up buying anything. But with Expressly, over 200 stores in the UK will never need to ask users to register again – no forms, no passwords – and this is just after our first 6 months since soft launch”.

Expressly represents an elegant solution to the pitfalls of online shopping, boosting ease of use, and streamlining the user experience through a secure and private back-end data transfer. Once a consumer is registered on an Expressly website, they can fulfil their order on any partner site with 1-click: no registration, no password. Tailored, secure offers to shop in 1-click on any other site.

Expressly is, much like the contactless card for off-line, a means to achieve extreme convenience when buying online. Eventually they will foster an Amazon-like marketplace, but across all online stores rather than just on Amazon.