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Investing is all about correct time to dip in and dip out your money. Investor Warren Buffet once said "You should not let your money sleep when it needs to take its morning walk". No matter whether it is the stock markets or real estate, commodities or any other form of investment, timing is everything.

  • There is no "never touch" era in the industry. Every fall in the market price creates a flood of opportunities to click on the right investment. Today, in a recovering economy the market is starting to show signs of bullishness. Those who had invested during the recession are now seeing gains.
  • There are two types of investment strategies to be aware of. The first is the long term investment strategy. This involves taking a look at the areas which have potential over the long run but currently have lower values in the market. Like an IPO opening at a low rate this is a large industry and given time the investment may result yields. The second is the short term investment strategy which revolves around the risk of the volatility of the market. A growing stock or an already high rising price real estate can be bought and sold within a time frame.
  • Real estate investing can be short or long term. Short term real estate investment usually involves locating properties that need improvement and can be purchased below market rate. Once renovations are complete the property is then sold for a profit. An example of a long term real estate investment might be purchasing a property and holding on to it until market conditions improve or investing in rental properties.
  • An expert's advice should be taken as a mandatory part before any one proceeds to allocate assets or funds towards any investment.

When one part of the world is seeing the doom then other may not. The emerging markets and their projects are serious good news for the global market. So if the stocks of these companies who are working there is in your mind then the deduction of the time should be done irrespective of the investor's country's financial status. The timing is all about sensing the trend of the market and taking steps. This can be done if correct investment tracking is done.

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