With more than 4 million Vietnamese people living and working at 187 countries, remittance inflow to Vietnam over years has been sharply continuous increased. Besides, the liberal trade and opened policies has attracted foreign direct and indirect investment in Manufacturing, Real Estate and Securities sector…, which made Vietnam become top 10 nations receiving remittance in the world. This not only affects the growth of Vietnam Remittance Market but also push the development of the whole economy and enables Vietnam to become top 5 happiest countries in the world and be the only one Asian country appears in top 10 according to selection of News Economics Foundation (NEF) – the UK

Tran Van Trung, Director of DongA Money Transfer
Tran Van Trung, Director of DongA Money Transfer

Not outside this context, DongA Money Transfer has identified the key markets, set out orientations, goals and strategic solutions in order to strengthen competitive advantages, maintain the development during 15 years from the establishment. With impressive achievements and highly trusted from customers as well as partners, DongA Money Transfer is extremely proud of becoming “Best Delivery Finance Product Company Vietnam” in 4 consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) selected by Global banking & Finance Magazine.To achieve this goals, Mr. Tran Van Trung – Director of DongA Money Transfer has shared some key solutions currently applied by company.

“One of the key factors contributes to the development of company is the agility in understanding customers’ needs and the transforming of the economy at any time, which outlines strategies to fully develop with long term vision.

  • Identify and Exploit potential market

With the aim to bring DongA Brand to the world. Company has actively strengthen relationship with strategic partners in order to increase effectiveness for both at markets having many Vietnamese living such as the USA, Australia and Canada; at the same time, boosting exploitation partners in potential markets such as: Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia where the Vietnamese labors are increasing, and in the future may become huge market.

Not limit at traditional market and potential. Company also cooperate with worldwide partners to attract more remittance from markets having few Vietnamese living, contribute to the effectiveness of firm performance.

  • Create more utility products for customers

The diversity – flexible, speed and high secure has created the quality in services of DongA and be the key factor affecting customers choosing decisions.

Identified the aims to serve both senders and beneficiaries, Company has built and cross-sell financial services along with mother bank, meet almost customers’ needs.

Besides, quality of service is always concentrated on to strengthen competitive advantages in remittance market. Especially for Home Delivery service, company has constantly strengthen/improved mobile staffs across provinces, strengthen connect with other reputable banks to widen and bring Home Delivery to rural and mountainous areas. At the same time, application of modern technology helped quickly process the data, significantly shortened pay out time. This is also the convenient tool to access information, offer more new utility for beneficiary’s needs.

  • Create trademark

Besides above solutions, trademark factor also helps build the trust and reputation with customers, partners. Trademark is the commitment for quality and reputation of company,is the catalyst in every single decision of customer about choosing service. DongA is perennial brandsticking on achievements throughout company’s operation has been highly trusted by partners, customers. This is a solid foundation for the Company development in the future.