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Times have certainly changed with the introduction of bad credit loans people having bad credit rating that is below 620 who were considered a risk can now easily take loans.

You can take a bad credit auto loan, house loan or personnel loan depending on your needs, it can be short term or long term loan, short term loan have greater interest rate and shorter payment period.

While the long term loans have lesser interest rates and about 10 to 25 years of repayment. You can go for secured loan where you have a collateral against the money you borrow or an unsecured loan today even bad credit people can easily borrow money and by paying for loan in time can improve their credit rating.

It’s a trend today among the thieves to skim people’s cards but you can save yourself from falling prey to this. How skimming is actually done? When your card leaves your hand like when you make a card payment the card is someone else’s hand they swipe your card twice once in the machine and second time in the skimmer, after which all your info is in their hand, they can easily take your money out. The simplest way of avoiding this is by keeping a close eye on your card always. If the ATM machine takes time in reading your card beware there is something wrong inform authorities and your credit company? Make sure to check your credit bills thoroughly to know if any theft has occurred.

If you have a bad credit rating don’t apply for too many credit cards in one go as it will make your credit rating worse. It will also make obtaining a credit card even more difficult, so narrow down your search to two credit card companies preferably companies that deal with bad credit rating.

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This will help you improve your credit rating. The best type for credit card for you at a time like this is a secured credit card. In this type of credit card you have to submit the money first, there are other fees also involved but it will affect your credit rating. Also there are several options available in market so you can look around find the best possible interest rate and then apply.

With the increasing crime rate identity theft is becoming more and more rampant. To protect yourself from identity theft the identity theft protection company helps you. They keep a track of your credit report, on your credit cards and other things that affect your credit in case of any unusual activity they will inform you right away. They will also help you if some lender accuses you for taking money from him if you were a victim of identity theft. There are other policies which will cover all these costs in case you were a victim of identity theft but there will be a cost to such a service. For a counseling and check on monthly the basis a plan could cost you around $100 annually and if you go for a plan that covers your entire house hold it will cost around $150 annually. Make sure to check the background of your identity theft protection company to avoid future problems with them. The top rated companies are Life Lock Identity Theft Protection and Equifax Credit Monitoring Service at the moment so do check them out. You can protect yourself on your own also by checking your credit report at a quarterly basis, being aware of your surrounding and not throwing documents that contain your personnel info in garbage without shredding.

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