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Well most landlords provide the basics like a washing machine, TV, dryer and a fridge, But the question is to provide the furniture or not. If you have a good taste in furnishing and are ready to hire a professional for the job go for it, otherwise if your tenant does not like it, it can be a waste. Then you will have to move your furniture and at times get a new set that suits your tenants taste. Best is to go with IKEA furnishing it’s not only light on your pocket, you can hire a professional to do your furnishing from IKEA at a certain fees. Go for full furnishing your apartment only if you have great taste and hire a professional. Except the furniture there are several other things that need be fixed how to get these things for a cheaper price.

Words that could lower the prices on home improvement

We all have times when we need to get our home fixed, at times it can cost us a lot. But if we try a few words we could get a better deal, the words you should use are that’s the best I can get? and wait for the opposite parties reaction let them stress there mind if the cost quoted by them is reasonable, also drop hints that you can wait for another party who offers a better deal, so there are great chances the price will go down. At times the price might be reasonable so ask the electrician or plumber why the job costs so much, if the equipment is costly try to convince him to get a cheaper or old one that will do. You should always shoe the opposite party you need the job to be good and if he lowers the price a little you will hire him. A great deal of thoughts pass the dealers mind he thinks his future possibility of earning, if the price can be brought down etc. Also if the dealer suffers a loss while working at your home you should try to compensate so that he will not refuse a job at your place in future.

Don’t let the view decide your home

At times you look at a property and you love the view, you are like omg it’s great, you imagine yourself all stressed out when you return home and you see the view and all your stress vanishes. Yes a view can be good even great but the thing with views is they change; any construction or removal of things may change the view so make sure not to choose your home depending on view. One day you get home go to your veranda and are shocked to see your view ruined. So never overlook the other flaws in property for a view, make sure to check all construction laws beforehand. It’s relaxing to have a view but don’t buy your home just based on it.

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