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Q&A: Introducing Seedtag LAB – Defining Cookieless Advertising Strategies Through AI

Q&A: Introducing Seedtag LAB - Defining Cookieless Advertising Strategies Through AI

To find out about Seedtag LAB  Global Banking & Finance Review spoke to Emilia Kirk, Head of Growth at Seedtag.

Can you give an overview of what Seedtag LAB is?

Seedtag LAB is a next-level, data-driven program helping our clients differentiate themselves from the competition by boosting their unique values. It’s capable of enabling brands to directly connect with and grow their audience, while still maintaining a privacy-first approach. Thanks to our contextual AI solution, LIZ©, a data-based content strategy can be derived, truly getting the most out of contextual advertising.

How did the idea for Seedtag LAB come about and why is it necessary?

Seedtag LAB was an opportunity to offer our clients a solution that goes one step further in supporting them by providing actionable contextual data and insights, maximising campaign effectiveness. It was designed in response to an increasing shift in targeting audiences within the digital advertising industry. We’re presenting a content strategy based on defined territories and fuelled by content insights. Seedtag LAB provides value by enabling marketers to employ a strategic targeting strategy that answers a marketing challenge, whilst respecting consumer privacy. 

How will this support brands with their advertising efforts?

Seedtag LAB supports brands with their advertising efforts by enabling them to build their very own contextual universe. This resource allows them to clearly visualize their set content territories, equipping them to both advertise directly to a relevant audience and identify areas of defined interest. Their advertising efforts will become more efficient and effective, as Seedtag LAB helps them to reshape perceptions and reinforce their positioning across the market.

How can Seedtag LAB help brands not only benefit now, but in the long term as well?

Seedtag LAB is an exclusive program precisely intended to define a long-term content strategy for our clients, benefiting them both now and in the coming future. Seedtag is putting its expertise and data at the service of brands so they can better understand content consumption, preferences, and user’s behaviour, generating actionable results ready to make a difference for our clients. The main objective is to shape the perception of the brand, leaving a lasting mark on how consumers view their image and associate their values. 

How does the technology behind Seedtag LAB work?

At the core of Seedtag’s offering lies LIZ©: an artificial intelligence platform combining computer vision, natural language processing, and deep learning. LIZ© uses state-of-the-art hybrid models capable of capturing signals from text, images, and video to determine sentiment, brand suitability, relevant categories, and main entities for any article on the web. All of this provides a full-page human-like understanding of content and the highest level of brand safety in the market for millions of articles from all over the world every day.

Seedtag LAB campaigns follow a data-driven content strategy, based on LIZ analysis and deep knowledge of content. They span a minimum of three months, broken down into three main stages. Firstly, the pre-campaign, where the contextual universe is created to identify trends, craft the content strategy, and contextualize creatives. Secondly, the campaign starts, and Seedtag LAB delivers ads in the most relevant placements across the Seedtag Network, optimizes for maximum results and it includes a mid-campaign learning session. Third and last, once the LAB is completed, a set of assessments are delivered to analyze results, from consumer perception to unique contextual insights and competitor analysis.

What impact does Seedtag LAB have on the wider industry? Why is this technology so important?

With Seedtag LAB, we’ve been able to offer a next-level, revolutionary solution to our clients. We’re powered by our contextual artificial intelligence technology, LIZ©, which has been learning and improving for the past seven years. Seedtag LAB is a result of combining brainpower with technology and has led us to be able to push past the boundaries into a new age of innovation. This is only the beginning, and it marks a major move towards a new era of digital advertising, one in which we continue to shake the norm, becoming global leaders and inspiring the industry.

How will this achieve more success for Seedtag’s customers?

By being able to dial in on a set data-driven content strategy, we’re capable of analysing a brand’s communications, web pages, and product pages to then place their unique positioning within the content universe. This reveals how their contextual audience looks and which content will deliver the best performance for their brand. We’re raising the bar, as Seedtag LAB campaigns leverage the maximum potential of Seedtag technology. Our ultimate goal is for our solutions to be innovative vehicles driving the success of our clients.

How can this tool develop over time? How much further can Seedtag push boundaries with LAB?

One of the biggest advantages of contextual advertising is that it’s a big, growing market. The industry itself hasn’t finished developing, and neither have we. The key is innovation, and pushing past the comfort zone to develop valuable solutions that excite. We have a clear mission of becoming the global contextual partner, and Seedtag LAB is a major milestone in our history. Revolutionizing the industry doesn’t come easy, yet, we have merely scratched the surface – and we’re just getting started.

If a reader was to take only 3 key takeaways from this, what would they be?

Three key takeaways would be: first, we created Seedtag LAB to be a next-level support for our clients to better define their data-driven content strategy and set themselves apart from the competition. Second, contextualising is key to driving a brand’s values and associating them with relevant content in a privacy-first world. Third, we’re set on becoming the global contextual partner, and our solutions are designed to be innovative and successful as we inspire the future of digital advertising.

Q&A: Introducing Seedtag LAB - Defining Cookieless Advertising Strategies Through AI

Emilia Kirk, Head of Growth at Seedtag


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