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Money Making Apps: How to identify them



Money Making Apps: How to identify them


In today’s world the internet has taken everything by storm, ranging from studies, to buying groceries, getting a perfect match, or becoming a star. Now, what if I tell you that you can earn money by downloading few apps, that may sound to be some kind of a phishing or a bait but believe me there are apps that won’t make you a millionaire of course but can become a good source of passive income. So, without wasting much time, let’s have a look on few of them and get those extra bucks in our pocket.


Can you even imagine that a picture of your dog could help you to earn a surprisingly good amount? Yes, this is possible now through the app called as Foap.

All you have to do is just click some good photographs and post it on this app. Let me tell you that you have all the freedom to charge what you think is suitable for a picture taken you. People are willing to pay a good amount in return of varieties of photographs. This makes Foap one of the best Money-Making App.


Fieldagent one is another popular Money-Making App, you can look forward to. All you have to do is go the main navigation window and from there to Job List, you will find a Map view here. Choose a job you could perform by going through the additional details, if you find it suitable accept it. You have the time of two hours to perform the task and complete it, once you have selected the job. Before starting the task, ensure that you are not far away from the objective.

Google Opinion Rewards

When it comes to the Money-Making App then we cannot rank Google Opinion Rewards any lesser. Unlike other apps, the money earned here could only be used only in Google Play Store. To earn money from this app you have to be a part of some surveys, which are basically related with the places you have visited. By answering the survey question, you will get the Google Play credit. This credit could be spend upon the games and apps of Google Play Store.


Adding one more Money-Making App to the list, which is named as Paribus. By using this app you can easily get the money back on the purchases made by you online. You don’t have to pay a single penny to sign in with this app, as sign up is completely free. Once you have signed up, it will get your email archives scanned for the receipts. And if in case it found that a purchase is made by you from the retailers monitored by it, it will get the price of the item tracked and assist you in getting the refund anytime whenever the price drops. Doesn’t that sound interesting? I know you people must be nodding in affirmation.


You can earn rewards by just being a panelist at Ncponline. Get your purchases scanned and share that data in order to earn points. You could also be contacted often, not on regular basis, to share your opinions. This is one of the reliable Money-Making App that doesn’t need much of your time and engagement. Just spend an hour on weekly basis to keep earning the points. Every interaction will help you to earn some points, later on you can encash them in return of rewards, when you are sure that you have earned enough points.

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