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m-hance Company Overview



mark thompson

Company profile and trading history

m-hance provides innovative business software solutions to 2400 mid-market sized organisations including Terra Firma Capital Management, Hatfield Philips International, GHF Financials, Ceridian UK, Washington Trust Bancorp Inc, United Nations Federal Credit Union, and Endsleigh Insurance. m-hance is currently supported by 230 staff from offices in Manchester, London, Loughborough, Dublin, Glasgow and the United States. m-hance also has offshore development capabilities in India which it will be investing heavily in to further increase its range of intellectual property (IP) solutions.mark thompson

m-hance was formed in November 2011 and subsequently rebranded following the acquisitions of Calyx Software, Trinity Computer Services, Touchstone Group and sub-divisions of Maxima Holdings plc. These acquisitions, along with the company’s organic growth have helped sales grow 45% a year, from £3.1m in 2008 to £9.6m in 2011. m-hance’s 2012 forecast is £22.2m.

Mark Thompson, CEO of m-hance, comments “We saw a real opportunity to lead consolidation in the market place and offer a broader range of services to customers as a result. We needed to get to the size we are to give ourselves critical mass to bring new products and services to market quickly and efficiently, and next year we will hit £25m revenues and £5m EBITDA. This is a space where you can double or treble your size quite easily, and there is no doubt there will be more consolidation.”

In September 2012, m-hance was listed in The Sunday Times’ Hiscox Tech Track 100 for the first time alongside companies such as Lycamobile and MusicMagpie. m-hance was one of only three software providers to have made the prestigious list which recognises the fastest growing private technology, media and telecoms companies in the UK.

Core solutions and services
m-hance’s core solutions offering consists of financial management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), purchasing management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM),enterprise social networking, SharePoint, business intelligence, document management and managed services in addition to software development services. The company has amassed over thirty years’ experience of operating in a variety of vertical markets including financial services, distribution, manufacturing, not-for-profit and infrastructure.

Financial Management
m-hance provides tried and tested financial accounting solutions which are highly scalable and functionality rich in order to address the needs of mid-market sized financial services organisations. Its world class ERP technology incorporates financial management and accounting, business intelligence (BI) analytics/reporting, project management, inventory, sales order processing, purchasing, CRM, e-commerce, human resource management and online business services.

These systems are scalable solutions that can be installed out-of-the-box and/or as a cloud based service for start-up and small organisations that wish to simply get on the road to better financial management. For those larger or more established organisations that wish to upgrade, replace or expand their existing ERP / financial management capabilities – m-hance offers the perfect combination of core financial accounting functionality combined with proprietary advanced modules to deliver tried and tested vertical market specific solutions, on premise or as a managed or hosted service.

Purchase Management
m-hance Purchase Management is a flexible, end-to-end solution that enables organisations to gain visibility and insight into their spend, reduce maverick buying and increase the efficiency of the whole purchasing process. Purchase Management seamlessly integrates into m-hance’s core financial accounting solutions and incorporates three core business process tools into one integrated and tailored system for:

• Requisition entry and approval
• Goods / transactions acknowledgement and receipt
• Invoice approvals

m-hance is able to deliver a fast, flexible, and affordable CRM solution that drives consistent, measurable improvements in every business process, enabling closer relationships with stakeholders and helping to achieve new levels of return. With hosted and SAAS options, organisations can take advantage of the same powerful CRM software delivered as a cloud service, enabling instant-on anywhere access, predictable pay as you go pricing, and financially backed service level agreements (SLA).

Features include:
•  Familiar CRM software that empowers people through natural, productive, and insightful experiences
• Intelligent real-time analytics and streamlined business processes that enable CRM-informed decisions and operational efficiencies
• More effective connections across people, processes, and ecosystems that allow businesses to maximise the value of relationships
m-hance has over 12 years’ experience of delivering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions – and with a proven track record of client and project success.

Business Intelligence
m-hance is able to provide a range of business intelligence solutions based on expert analysis and extensive experience with the best business systems. This expertise covers everything from the automation and distribution of simple standard reports to more complex bespoke big data queries and dashboards. These options can be offered against a wide range of systems including those covering Finance, CRM and HR and Payroll.

Document Management and SharePoint
m-hance provides a comprehensive range of complementary solutions for organisations that require an integrated and flexible business infrastructure with the scalability, reliability, and manageability that agile businesses need to remain competitive today.

These solutions cover areas such as:
• Collaborative enterprise information
• Intranet portals based on the latest SharePoint technology
• Document management
• Workflow automation
• Application integration

Embracing enterprise social networking and mobile technologies of the future
m-hance is investing heavily in cloud, mobile and enterprise social networking solutions (ESN) to deliver further efficiency and productivity benefits for its customers. m-hance Social Business (mSB) is an internal collaboration tool that combines the best parts of social user interaction situated within a business context to improve productivity and information exchange, increase staff engagement and reduce costs.

The spirit of collaboration can certainly be found at m-hance, not least because the business grew out of the acquisition of several different software businesses a year ago. Mark Thompson, CEO of m-hance, explains:

“We know all about collaboration here because we’ve had the experience of bringing together seven different business cultures. Whenever you bring businesses together the key thing to getting value is integrating as quickly as you can. Our own system enables people to exchange information on a regular basis. Staff can be connected 24/7 online and can be constantly coming up with suggestions about how to improve productivity. It is all about engaging employees to bring together all parts of an organization, thus unifying a business.”

m-hance Social Business is available on-premise via a private cloud model, and provides secure and seamless out-of-the-box connectivity in real-time to SQL-based solutions such as accounting and CRM. mSB can also be supplied with mobile handsets, tablet devices and airtime all under one roof as part of its one-stop-shop mobile offering.

Thompson says one of the issues for the wider ESN space is that so many services are free and don’t come with any consulting options. “These services might be free but they are leaving the company to then decide exactly what it wants to do with the service which may be of little use. Implementations tend to be haphazard rather than being driven by a genuine business need leading to poor adoption and failure. You need the expertise and intelligence that goes with the product and businesses need to accept that that comes with a cost.”

mSB can be deployed in just two weeks which includes on-site training, making it incredibly cost effective compared to other ESN solutions on the market. m-hance’s unique consultative approach also ensures that it works side-by-side with its customers to tailor mSB in line with their business needs, by clearly defining benchmarks for measurable success both before, during and after implementation.








Motivate Your Management Team



Motivate Your Management Team 1

A management team, typically a group of people at the top level of management in an organization, is a team of people in the top level of managerial leadership of a business or an organization. It may consist of one person at the top level or more than one person at the top level. In this article, we are going to talk about what it takes to become a successful manager of a company and the different types of managers that can be found.

Team members will usually work in teams of two or three people. They will work together to accomplish a specific goal that the organization has set for them. These goals and the ways to reach them vary. Sometimes a management team will work in teams to achieve the same goal but in different ways. Sometimes they will work in teams to solve a particular problem.

When a team begins working, they will usually meet for the first time at their office building or another place where they will gather. They will be given a specific mission statement that they will be working towards. There will usually be meetings on a regular basis so that the team can discuss what they have done so far. If there is anything that needs to be worked out, this meeting will occur to ensure that all questions have been answered.

When it comes to meeting deadlines, there are often things that the team members will need to do in order to meet their deadline. They will have to come up with the proper solutions. Once they have done this, the next thing that needs to be done is to ensure that the other members of the team are aware of what the solution is.

Sometimes, the team members will meet at different times. This is very common for people who will have different duties and who are not always available at the same time. They can meet at random times but it is very rare for there to be meetings that occur during the night. Sometimes these meetings are held after lunch and sometimes they happen after dinner.

When the team members meet, they will need to be organized. They will need to take all of the necessary items and papers to the meeting and not leave any behind. The meeting will begin with a presentation that will be made by the team leaders that will describe what they have done so far.

After this presentation, the team members will then have to sit down with the other team members to discuss what they have discussed. This is often a very productive way to get everyone talking about what they have accomplished so far.

To be a good manager, you must be able to organize yourself and your team. This is also necessary in order for you to be able to motivate your team.

One of the ways that you can motivate your team members is by encouraging them to get things done that they want to do. By doing this, they will be able to get excited about what they are working on. The excitement that they will feel will motivate them to work even harder and to complete the task as soon as possible.

Another way that you can motivate your team members is to give them rewards. In this case, they will know that there is something for doing a great job. They will know that if they have good performance, there will be a reward for their hard work.

It is also important for you to provide support to your team members. by helping them find jobs and making sure that they are able to find employment. This will encourage them to be self-motivated and to perform better on their jobs.

When you provide support to your team members, they will feel valued and respected. This will allow them to feel as though they have an employer who is willing to put in a lot of effort in order to help them get what they want out of their jobs.

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The Income Approach Vs Real Estate Valuation



The Income Approach Vs Real Estate Valuation 2

The Income approach is only one of three main classifications of methodologies, commonly referred to as valuation approaches. It’s particularly popular in commercial real estate valuation and other business valuation. The key difference between the three methods is that the Income Approach relies on the idea of income as a measurement rather than an absolute number.

As with all three different types of valuation methods, the underlying assumption is that price is determined by cash flows. This means that in order to determine the value of a particular asset or business, there must be an exact amount of money spent. When an individual or firm makes a purchase, they will pay money for the product and they will make payments for the privilege of continuing to use that product over time. These payments are called “cash flows.”

Real estate appraisals are based on this simple concept. There are many realtors who work at the level of measuring the net worth of a home or building by considering the current mortgage and interest owed on that loan. The appraiser uses these numbers as the basis of his or her opinion about the fair market value of the property.

On the other hand, when the method you choose is the income approach, the appraiser focuses instead on the income earned by a person or entity. This can be based on both sales volume and earnings of each employee. A company may use the income approach to calculate the value of its inventory and accounts receivable based on the income earned by the company or group of employees.

The basic concept behind the approach is that cash flows should be considered as the basis for making decisions about what kind of business or service is right for a person or group. These cash flows include the income earned by employees, purchases made by the company, and the sales volume of goods or services produced by the company. The income model is often used to value homes, businesses, real estate, and other valuable assets. in order to determine their fair market value.

The primary difference between the realtors’ method of valuing the home and that of the income approach is that the former considers only one way that the value is going to change in value over time. While realtors look at the home’s market value to determine if they can sell it and the approach works out the value of the home by using the current sales price plus the future sales price plus some percentage of the gross value of the home, the income approach values the property only by the amount of money paid out over time. on monthly or annual payments. The difference in the two approaches is that the realtors use the gross value of the home as their basis and the approach uses the net cash payments.

Because of this difference in the valuing models, some people prefer the income approach over the realtors’ approach. Because realtors’ models involve an element of forecasting, they aren’t as helpful in determining the fair market value of a property, and they are not very useful in making long-term financial plans. On the other hand, the income approach can be very helpful in helping you decide if your home or business is worth buying.

While tax benefit of the income approach can also play a part in determining its value, it will not be nearly as large as the tax benefit of the realtors’ approach. In addition to providing tax benefits, the approach allows the person or organization to buy a home or business that is under-priced because it may increase their tax benefit. in the long run. Because this is not the primary reason that most realtors use the approach to value properties, it is not as well known as the realtors’ method, but it can be very useful for some people who don’t want to invest a large amount of time in planning their future, so they may want to consider it.

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How To Create A Leadership Philosophy



How To Create A Leadership Philosophy 3

A leadership philosophy describes an individual’s values, beliefs and principles that they use to guide a business or organization. Your leadership philosophy can be based on your personal traits and beliefs or it can be based on what you believe is best for the organization you work with. In order to improve your management style and leadership style, you need to understand your leadership philosophies. It can either help or hinder you.

Your personal philosophy, or personality, is largely influenced by your personal beliefs and character. It helps guide you and keeps you on track. If your personal philosophy supports the goals and mission of the organization, it will motivate you to pursue those goals. If it doesn’t, it can hinder you from achieving your goal. Your personal philosophy can be as varied as your own personality and beliefs.

A good leadership philosophy can be created through the development of personal values, goals and dreams. Through this process you will discover that some personal values are important and others aren’t. You can make the difference and decide which ones are more important than others. Once you have a firm foundation established, you can move on to finding a way to achieve your objectives.

Personal philosophies need to be examined in terms of their relevance to the organization’s mission. Your leadership philosophy needs to be based on whether the organization or the leader wants to help people or just help themselves. If it is the former, then your personal philosophy should focus on providing the resources needed to make it happen. If it is the latter, then your personal philosophy should focus on helping those who need it most.

Another part of your personal philosophy should look at the individual needs of the organization. If the organization is looking to help the underprivileged, your leadership philosophy should be focused on assisting them in getting a better education so they can get a better job and earn more money. This is a prime example of a personal philosophy that would not benefit the organization in any manner.

Leadership is a process, not a person. Leaders need to be willing to change and adapt in order to get the job done right. Leaders should always try to learn from the past mistakes and try to improve on the mistakes that they made. have made and this is not possible if a leadership philosophy doesn’t allow them to grow and change as individuals in the organization.

Your personal philosophy should be aligned with the values of the organization in which you are working with. You need to create a vision that your organization has. Your vision can be anything from the improvement of the organization to the success of the employees. Your vision can be a company motto, mission statement or a corporate image.

Leadership isn’t about being the leader of all or nothing. It is about bringing in the right people to make the organization the best it can be and growing it over time. There are a lot of people who are qualified to lead an organization but don’t get the opportunity because they don’t have the right leadership philosophy. The more qualified individuals you can hire, the higher your chances of success and the better results you will see.

The best leaders aren’t the ones who walk into the building and are the leader but are the one who goes out of their way to show the organization how they feel. They do something that no one else in the room is doing. They give their time and effort in order to make their organizational goals come true. They work hard and are willing to do the work, but not do it for others, they do it for themselves and they don’t let anyone else take advantage of them.

Creating a leadership philosophy can be a good idea to help you in building your leadership team. When you create a good leadership philosophy, it creates a level of respect and integrity within the organization.

Developing a personal philosophy can be very beneficial to an organization. It can be the thing that gives your organization a sense of self worth.

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