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As with all of our events we bring together the most compelling sessions and case studies for you and your business. Recently we spoke with Dennis Jones CEO of Judo Mobile Payments and asked him how the landscape of mobile payments is changing and what the future holds.

What are your views on Mobile Payments industry right now?

Currently the mobile payments industry is very fragmented and at early stages of customer adoption.  Buyers are often confused or overwhelmed by the technical and financial implications of offering the mobile-initiated payment systems that consumers increasingly demand.  Over the next year, we will see the beginning of a step change moving mobile-initiated payments to the forefront of the overall payments industry, eventually over taking both traditional e-commerce and card present payment volumes.

What’s the biggest challenges you face in the mobile payment industry?

The term ‘mobile payment’ is widely abused and means different things to different stakeholders.  We need a common set of language and deeper understanding by the relevant stakeholders to ensure mobile commerce meets the needs of consumers and businesses alike.

What are your views on MPOS market?

mPOS in EMV markets is a difficult proposition outside of markets where the technology can ‘leapfrog’ traditional Chip & PIN machines.  For some businesses, it is a fantastic opportunity to increase sales and decrease purchase friction.  However, for many businesses, the rates are too high, the technology (e.g. bluetooth) too cumbersome, or the hardware costs deplete the expected value of enabling mPOS.  Where we believe there is the most opportunity for mPOS is with corporate and door to door sales organizations where either device-based mPOS or mobile-initiated CNP payments have great potential.

How does your product differentiate you from your competitors?

Judo is Europe’s only mobile-first payments platform.  Our technology processes payments in a single server call, reducing failed transactions and cart abandonment while our off the shelf UI greatly speeds up and simplifies the often cumbersome card entry process.  We embed mobile specific and traditional fraud detection into our payment services and route transactions to maximise sales while minimising risk and associated losses on every device.  Unlike traditional payment service providers, judo has highly flexible business models that can provide all card acceptance services in a single partnership, or we can work with your existing Acquiring bank to ensure your mobile offering is best in class.

How do you see the future of mobile payments?

A majority of transactions will involve the ‘computer in our pockets’, whether a smartphone or something we don’t yet have, by 2020 causing businesses to be disrupted at three times the speed of that caused by the e-commerce revolution.

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Tom Evans,

Mobile Money Wallet Summit 2015

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