Interview with Mr. Emídio Pinheiro CEO Banco de Fomento Angola

Banco de Fomento Angola is a retail bank and a reference in the domestic financial market. It is a private bank with the largest branch network in Luanda province and one of the largest nationwide. It is market leader in debit cards and payment terminals, and in 2012 raised more than 160,000 new customers, surpassing the milestone of 1 million customers. Banco de Fomento is strongly committed to the challenges of banking for the Angolan population and the growing Angolan financial system modernization. At the end of 2012 it had an asset of approximately 8 billion USD, and a solvency ratio of 24.2%, well above the regulatory minimum required by the Central Bank (10%).

Emidiro-PinheiroWhat initiatives do you feel led to the success of Banco de Fomento Angola as Best Commercial Bank Angola 2013?

Over the years, the BFA has been an innovative bank contributing greatly to the growth of the banking and financial sector in Angola.

There is a whole set of factors that lead us to be one of the key players in this sector and consequently lead to international reference of which we can enumerate:

  • Extensive Branch Network
  • Launching of innovative and distinct products
  • Continuous development to provide customer satisfaction
  • Social Responsibility Program to support projects of Health, Education and Social Solidarity

Please explain the current campaign Angola Invests, aimed at the development of micro, small and medium size enterprises.

Angola Investe is a special program implemented by the government to promote enterprises in the productive sectors, with reduced credit rates and a special public warranties program.BFA joined the Program because of its impact on the creation of favorable conditions for the growth of private economic activity.

How important do you feel Corporate Social Responsibility is? What activities is Banco de Fomento Angola involved in?

BFA Baixa LuandaIn this context the bank action is materialized in a vehicle designated Social Fund, established in April 2005 with the aim of financially supporting initiatives in the fields of education, health and social solidarity. This fund was provisioned with 5% of the net profit for a period of 5 years and in late 2012, had a budget of 18.6 million USD.

With the use of this vehicle, BFA has supported and will continue to support the implementation of various projects in the above areas, both in Luanda and in other Provinces.

What innovative programs and services are planned for this year?

We can answer this question by summarizing our challenges for 2013:

  • Improving the quality of service
  • Ensure proximity to customers
  • Strengthening the market position

Additionally, banks still have to face a major challenge that the new exchange rate regime of the oil sector puts the banking system. We are strongly committed to confirm BFA as a reference institution to provide financial services to oil sector companies





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