IKON Group- the Best ECN broker Asia 2012

GBFR: Please begin with a brief introduction to the company, including some highlights from its history and an overview of its current operations.

IKON: IKON Group started life in 1999 as a Market Maker in the Foreign Exchange and Financial Markets, and became one of the first companies to launch the real-time Foreign Exchange Internet trading service worldwide. ikon

Since our launch, we have evolved into one of the world’s largest Internet derivatives trading companies and one of the worlds’ leading providers backed by powerful products, cutting edge technology and unparalleled platform stability. For us, 2012 was a momentous year in that we completed several large projects and through our trading systems, we achieved a notional turnover of US$620 Billion in Foreign Exchange and financial derivatives trading from 62,000 Clients stretching to over 90 countries worldwide.

GBFR: IKON Group has been selected as the Best ECN Broker in Asia. What initiatives do you feel have led to this success?
IKON: We decided to release a product that embraces the ideals of honesty,transparency and liquidity resulting in the launch of a new Non-Trading Desk Execution model, based on state of the art technology being a completely automatic trading desk with no human intervention. This will enable all the trades of the customers of the IKON Group to be hedged to a clearing Electronic Communications Network (ECN). As a result, the Execution of the Customer’s trades eliminated any conflict of interest between our valued Customers and us. Every trade shall be placed with our liquidity providers who compete to provide IKON with the best spreads.

Furthermore, over the last year, we have announced two historic and strategic alliances, the first is with the Chinese Government of Tianjin to develop a first of its kind, Financial Electronic Communication Network Exchange, to enable Banks, Financial Institutions and individuals to trade on the International Forex Market, the second is with one of the world’s largest Exchange being the NASDAQ OMX Exchange to develop a suite of products tailored to the retail FX and Gold market.

GBFR: What other programs, services or initiatives should our readers know about?
IKON: We have just launched what we believe is the world’s best and most generous bonus amounts for all partners and clients who open accounts with IKON Australia.

Traders can maximize their profit opportunities with this extraordinary credit bonus scheme and brokers will receive cash bonus’ for future cooperation.

For more advanced Gold traders, one of most important initiatives is our new and exciting product offered exclusively by us and the NASDAQ OMX Exchange, the World’s largest exchange,which is also the first in a series of products that we intend to bring to market with our partners at the NASDAQ OMW—NASDAQ Spot Gold Futures

NASDAQ Spot Gold Futures is a truly unique product that simulates the over-the counter(OTC) SPOT Gold market trading experience, with the combination of the Security of Funds of Traditional NASDAQ Futures Products` characteristics and we are pleased to announce that since its launch on 8th Feb 2012, the Spot Gold Futures reached the 500k contracts traded milestone.

GBFR: What are IKON’s aspirations for continued success in this area?
IKON: IKON strives to ensure that every facet of our Customers experience provides unparalleled first class service, personalized products, state of the art technology and industry leading security of funds.

In relation to the same in February 2012, IKON Group acquired IKON Australia, a company regulated by the ASIC of Australia, giving IKON Group an insight into the requirements and preferences of our customers in the Asia-Pacific region providing quality online financial products for clients along with seamless 24-hour multilingual customer service across all time zones.

There is no doubt in my mind that mobile trading is an important part of the future and we will see a continued emphasis on making trading apps robust and efficient. The growth of social media is also dramatically impacting the retail forex market. The ability to network/communicate with fellow traders and watch trade activity is becoming commonplace.




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