How World Events Can Effect the Forex Trader

It is possible to have a successful career trading Forex. Forex trading does not require any formal education or degree. However being successful in Forex trading is simple. Yes, it may be simple to enter and place your first trade but whether or not you will be successful and make a profit is another story. To have any chance at success you will need to acquire the right knowledge and techniques. You will need to understand and know when to enter or leave a trade.

When trading in the forex market there are two kinds of analysis you can perform, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Most traders tend to divide themselves into “technical” and “fundamentalists” and each group tends to follow the main tools other their analysis style.Those that follow the technical analysis method base their forex trades by analyzing charts and the number of indicators derived from the plots of price oscillations and patterns. Fundamentalists traders however base their trading decisions primarily on the fundamental numbers and economic indicators of a countries economy. Both tendencies tend to complement each other to some degree.

For the purpose of this article I will place myself on the “fundamentalists” side and focus on one of the situations every forex trader must be aware.That is the risky situation that can present itself when an unprecedented world event starts to develop as the trading day goes on. The influence of the media (TV, internet, printed) to magnify and sometimes even distort events taking place having a direct impact on the trading environment. The rapid diffusion of the news regarding a series of unfavorable events taking place can cause an increased atmosphere of fear, confusion and uncertainty within the trading world. This fear can lead to traders making trades based on emotional reactions instead of reasoned and intelligent decisions. These types of events are not limited to natural disaster like tsunamis, earthquakes and floods but also can include major political upheavals or corporate scandals.

Every forex trader should be certain that his method of trading has built-in safe guards (stops, limit orders) to prevent a major financial loss from his trading account in case any of the unfavorable events takes place. .





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