Day Trading or Forex Trading- Which do you want to trade?

To start you may be wondering what Day Trading and Forex Trading are.

Day Trading is the buying and selling of securities. In the 1990’s Day trading was popular. Today day trading is mostly done by professionals. There are fewer opportunities in the current market for amateur day traders.

FOREX Trading is the buying and selling of currency. Foreign Exchange trading does not trade on a fixed exchange rate. Currencies are primarily traded between central banks, commercial banks, hedge funds, personal investors and speculators. Before 1995 many small investors were excluded from trading forex due to the huge amount of deposit required. Since 1995 however the number of traders within the Forex market has risen and individuals wanting to trade in forex can locate courses to help them establish the skills needed to trade.

Before you begin trading in Forex it is recommend that you research the market and it would even be advisable to take FOREX training before opening a trading account. You must know the market mechanics of FOREX, leveraging in FOREX, rollovers and the analysis of the FOREX market. To gain this knowledge potential FOREX trader may want to enroll in a FOREX training courses and read books regarding FOREX trading.

Yes, there are pros and cons to enrolling into a FOREX course however; I think you will see that the pros outweigh the cons. A FOREX course is a rapid method of learning the basics of FOREX trading. The course may not spend much time on the history of the market or economic theories but often, on-line or phone support from a skilled FOREX trader is available to answer questions. The information is often condensed and practical, offering graphs and charts for further explanation. The disadvantage can be the cost associated with the course as some are expensive . The course may also just teach the approach of one trader (the individual who designed the course).

Taking a course or several courses can help students gain the knowledge to trade in the forex market place and to develop their own trading strategy. It is important to note that nothing is predictable in the Forex Market. Different strategies will yield varying results dependent on the current state of that market. It would also be advisable for a beginner trader to practice trading with a demo account along with any courses they opt to take.





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