How to Write a Business Letter

Business letters and emails are the two forms of conveying your important message in a most professional way. The correspondence through an email may be the easiest and fastest way but, traditional method of correspondence has its own charm.  If you are sending a letter in the traditional format you will want it to be clear, concise and formatted correctly, here are the basic steps.

Steps to Write a Business Letter:

Foundation of the Letter:

The foundation of the business letter is based on some standards of the business letters which you have to follow for the presentation of the letter. The most used fonts for writing a business letter is Times New Roman or Arial. The colour of the font is mostly black and white as the use of the other colour may decrease its impact. The selection of the paper is also something that matters the most. So, generally, people utilise A4 size paper with company letterhead for writing a business letter. This will provide your letter more professional look. The next step is to provide some information about yourself. The name of your company and its address should be at the top right or left of the paper. Following the name and the address, it is essential to mention the date and the full date should be written in the letter.

The next step in the foundation of the letter is to add the name of the recipient, the name of the company, and the address of the company on the left side of the letter. After this step, you have to decide upon the tone of the introduction and it will depend on your relationship with the recipient. For example, if you know the recipient then your introductory line should be greetings with their name. But, if you don’t know the recipient personally then it will be better to address him or her by using their title or by utilising the general way of addressing. The use of comma or colon after addressing the person is an essential part of a business letter.

Constituting the Body:

For writing the body of the letter, it should be kept in mind that the composition of the business letter is concise and to the point. Instead of making it more artistic and lengthier, it has to be more explicit and correct. Writing a business letter in this way is the best way for professional writing and it will represent your message to the recipient perfectly. The considerable point in writing a business letter is that the recipient of the letter has very less time to read a letter. Thus, it is essential to write your main concern of the letter in a few words without wasting the time of the reader. For composing the body of the letter, the use of personal pronouns is also a significant point to remember. Your letter should be in active voice and the tone of the letter should be gracious and considerate. Finally, the end of the letter should be the summary of the letter and request of further action from the recipient.

Concluding the Letter:

The conclusion of the letter is through the use of some salutation for the recipient like “Yours Faithfully” or “Warm Regards” and following the salutation your name and signature should be written in the business letter.

These are the few basic steps you need to write a successful business letter.