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How to earn money on YouTube?



How to earn money on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites that has videos on a wide variety of categories. Every day 5 billion videos are viewed[i]by users from across the world. Anyone can upload videos on YouTube and can earn money from it. Daniel Middleton, a YouTube member who makes videos on games earned $16.5 million in 2018[ii]. Cory and Coby Cotton share sports stunts videos and they made $15.5 million from it. Ryan is a 7-year old who makes video reviews of toys and he earned $11 million from it in 2018.

The success stories of popular YouTubers would surely inspire you to try and earn money on this amazing video network. If you wanted to earn money through YouTube, how would you go about doing it? This article discusses this in detail.

Showcase something
Those who are successful in YouTube showcase something to the world, which attracts people and makes them watch their videos. The first thing, therefore, is to decide what skills or interests you have on which you can make videos. You can make music, you can dance, cook, teach, play games, do just about anything and post the videos on YouTube. If people like them, you can make money.

Make a channel
The first thing is to create your own channel. You need to have a YouTube account for this. Now that Google has taken over YouTube, you can login using your Google account. Add keywords that highlight what kind of videos you are going to share. These keywords will help guide users to your channel. Do some research before adding keywords.

Create videos
Once you decide your niche, start making videos on it. You need not have to make videos in a studio. You can even do it using a mobile phone with a good camera. Create your video, edit it, add text and effects (if required). And then upload it to your channel. You are now ready to make money!

Making money
The moment you post your first video, do not have hopes on making money. It is a long process. The main thing is that people must like your video and start visiting your channel. How many people watch your video, how many like it, and how many subscribers you get for your channel will decide your ability to make money.

Your video must be interesting enough so that people share it on social media and it becomes viral. The more your video is shared, the more views you get. If you have interesting videos on your channel, people would subscribe to it. So the key here is content, you need to make videos that people would like. Next, you need to work hard to spread the video. Use other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to share your videos.

To start earning money your videos must have a watch time of 4000 hours and you must have 1000 subscribers. You can then activate the monetization option on YouTube. You can then use Google AdSense to get ads on your channel. The more the views and subscribers, the more you can earn from ads. You can earn $1-$2 per 1000 views[iii].

Once your channel becomes popular, you can charge a fee from subscribers. If your content is good, you can make money. Advertisers and brands will approach you to pay you. The sky is the limit if you have good content and people like it.

YouTube can help you make money by sharing videos and earning from advertisements. If your content is good, you people will pay you to watch your videos.




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