How to earn money on Twitch

Passionate about gaming? Why not make money from your passion itself!!!

Yeah… true…you can make money from playing a game. This can be done using Twitch.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a video game streaming platform where a gamer can stream video of himself playing the game and visitors of the site can view those videos and the gamer earns money for that.

Earning money on Twitch requires quite an expertise. Popularity among the followers is to key to success. So, efforts should be put in to gain maximum followers so that you make good money. You can make money on Twitch through three routes –

                Display of advertisements

                Through subscriptions

                Through donations from fans

Before I discuss the above routes, let us first understand how Twitch works. There are three components to any video on Twitch –

                Video of the game play, i.e., live video of the game being played

                Video of the gamer playing the game

 by the gamer – This commentary is about how to play the game, how to strategies the moves, etc so as to help the other players move through the game and help a new player learn the game. This commentary may be serious or funny. It depends on the gamer whether he wants to make a serious video or a funny video.

Sometimes chat support is also provided by the gamer.Audio commentary

For putting the video, a channel has to be created on Twitch which is a 24-hour streaming channel. A gamer can do streaming for 4-12 hrs a day, 5-7 days a week but a fixed schedule should be followed to be successful. Gamers might put pre-recorded videos also, but actual purpose of Twitch is to show live videos.

Let us now discuss the three routes –

Display of advertisements

Advertisements in between your game play will fetch you money from the advertisers which will be shared equally between you and Twitch. But this is possible only when you become Twitch partner. You get all the options for settings related to advertisements only after you become Twitch partner. There are certain conditions you should meet for becoming Twitch partner

                First and foremost is that you should have 500+ followers.

Second, you should have streaming schedule for at least 3 days a week

Third, content of your video should conform to Twitch’s terms and conditions.

You earn money through advertisements when the viewers of the game view or click on ads, for each 1000 views.

Through subscriptions

Again, you need to become Twitch partner for viewers to subscribe to your videos. On becoming a partner, you get subscribe button in your channel which the viewers of the game can click to subscribe to your videos. The subscribers to your videos would be paying certain monthly fee half of which you will be getting while half will be retained by Twitch.

Through Donations

If you are not a Twitch partner, you can earn money only through your fans’ donations. You should have a donation box in your channel for the purpose. Various services are available to set up a donation link on clicking which the fans can make donations. You should never ask for donation and set up donation box only when fans ask for it. This way you tend to establish repo with your followers making them your fans.

Thus, you can do a good business on Twitch provided you have a good fan following.

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