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How to accept a job offer?

How to accept a job offer?

You have probably interviewed for a job and then are eagerly waiting for the result. If you have cleared the interview, the company will send you a job offer toconfirm your selection. Once you get the offer, you need to accept  or decline the position. If you have decided to accept the offer, how do you proceed this is how to proceed.

1) What does the job offer have? 

A job offer from a company will include the following:

  1. The position/job role offered
  2. The salary and other benefits provided
  3. The date by when you need to report for work

A job offer may also have other details like detailed job responsibilities, organization rules and policies, and other terms. In most organizations, these details would be included with the letter of appointment. The offer letter would have just the basic details.

When you receive a job offer, you need to look for these three elements. Check if the job role offered is what you were looking for when you applied. Check if the salary and benefits offered are as per your expectations. Check if sufficient time is given for you to join so that you can give notice in your present job.

2) Are you happy with the offer?

Once you get the offer, the next step is to decide whether you want to take up the offer or decline it. If you are happy with the offer, then accept it. If you are not happy with the offer, you need to decide if you want to reject the offer. It is possible that the job position offered is not what you applied for. In such a case, you can get clarification by sending an email to the HR department. You can even call up and talk to them for a clarification.

If the salary is not as per your expectations, you can negotiate with the company. If you have already negotiated the salary during the interview, and yet have been offered a lower salary, then probably this is the best you can get. Else, you can talk to the HR department or the person who made you the offer. Request an appointment so you can discuss salary in person.

There is nothing wrong in negotiating salary before you take up an offer. Also, get clarity on other benefits you will receive. Apart from the salary, find out how much paid leave is provided. Find out if the company offers a retirement plan and whether they make an equal contribution. Ask them about bonuses and vacations. Confirm if health insurance facility is offered.

If the company refuses to negotiate, you can decline the offer and keep searching or accept with the terms outlined. If they call you to negotiation, make certain you present your position clearly. Try to get the best possible salary and benefits from the company. The company has selected you because you meet their requirements. If they agree to your terms, request a revised offer to be sent in writing.

3) Get it in writing

You may get the offer in the form of a telephonic call or a casual message. In such a case, you should insist on a written offer. A written offer is an official commitment by the organization. In the absence of such a commitment, there is an element of risk involved. You don’t want to be caught in an unpleasant situation where you quit your present job and then find out that the offer is no longer valid.

It is also possible that after you join work, you find that the salary is less than what was offered. In such a case, you can always use the offer letter and demand that you get what was promised. This is why you need to have a written offer. It is not necessary it must be printed and signed. Even an email by an authorized person is sufficient.

4) Accept the offer and write to the company

Once you decide the terms offered are acceptable to you, the next step is to accept the offer. You need to communicate this officially, so the company knows you are joining them. Most offers require you to confirm acceptance before a certain date. Make sure you confirm well before the due date. You can write an official letter and post it to the company or go and hand it over in person. If the offer was received by email, you can respond by email.

You can use the following template for sending a job offer acceptance. Send the letter to the same person who has signed the offer letter. It is an official letter, so you can keep the tone of the letter formal.

Dear Mr./Ms.<Name>

I have received your offer letter for the position of <position offered> dated <letter date>. I thank you for offering me a job. I would consider it a great opportunity to work with you and make a positive contribution to <name of company>

I am happy to confirm my acceptance of the offer. As agreed, I will be reporting for the job on <date of reporting>. Please do let me know if there are any additional requirements I need to complete before joining.

Thank you once again for selecting me. I look forward to working with you.


In case you did not get a written offer, you can include the following paragraph in your acceptance letter:

As discussed over the phone, my starting salary will be <amount> and I will be eligible for <list out all the benefits>

A job offer is an official confirmation that you have got the job you were looking for. Review the offer and then accept it formally so your job is confirmed. Once you accept the job offer, you can then quit your present job and start preparing to report for your new job.

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