Grosvenor Ready to Tackle the Transforming Investment Property Market with Cutting Edge IT System

Taliance solutions will provide ‘greater control, accuracy and insight’

Grosvenor, one of the UK’s largest and most prestigious real estate investors and fund managers has chosen to invest in FinAsset and Global Fund from Taliance, a leading developer of IT solutions for the investment-property market.  Grosvenor is working with Taliance as part of a major overhaul of its property and management finance systems. It predicts that the solution will provide greater control over its extensive portfolio of international assets, improve insight and drive value across the business.

“Global Fund and FinAsset will ultimately help us to make the best decisions quicker,” says Lucy Puddle, project business lead, Grosvenor.

Global Fund is the world’s first software to deliver instant, accurate reporting with real-time modelling and data management capabilities for fund managers and stakeholders. Together with FinAsset, a global decision-making and simulation tool, the solution will help Grosvenor address new rigorous demands from regulators and investors alike. “By anticipating change and adopting new processes for greater efficiency and reliability, firms such as Grosvenor are at the forefront of a radical industry transformation,” says Bob Marsh, managing director Taliance.

Until recently, all Grosvenor’s budgeting and forecasting was done offline on Excel spreadsheets. “We have never used anything like FinAsset or Global Fund before, but Taliance offered us an approach that was new, flexible and intuitive,” says Lucy Puddle. “Now budgeting and forecasting will be more accurate, transparent and reliable and our asset managers will become more accountable.”

She says that Grosvenor and Taliance have worked together closely: “Taliance has demonstrated a huge commitment to our project – we’ve met internal deadlines and I feel comfortable and confident in their ability to meet remaining targets.”

“Fund managers across the industry are reassessing business processes, recognising that the need to improve forecasting, planning, risk management and decision-making is becoming increasingly business-critical. Consequently many, like Grosvenor, are abandoning spreadsheets and adopting IT solutions that will provide the vision and transparency required. Those willing to make the move will improve investor confidence, address regulatory demands, increase profitability – and be well-prepared for future challenges,” concludes Marsh.
Watch Lucy Puddle and Bob Marsh discussing Grosvenor’s project with Taliance here.






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