Gold investment basics: Top 10

Since a long time, investing in Gold (considered as one of the most precious and auspicious metals) has remained the suggested idea for planning one’s savings for the future. You might have heard about it from your parents or even grandparents! So let us have a close watch on how to attain this investment path.

  1. The Gold market is associated with a varied time-frame, if you are looking out for a winning expedition. You should not expect your gold returns to be surpassing all expectations overnight. You might observe a general trend of price hikes in the recent gold market, but it is still not advisable to invest in this market for a short term.
  2. You may be investing in gold for your marriage, or want to keep a gold account in the form of gold coins, or bars etc. If you are clear about your goals, it would be easier for you to choose the right gold products.
  3. Any investment planning can earn you benefits if you’ve chosen the proper guidance. Thus, even gold investment can give you good results with the help of an expert investment advisor. It is recommended that you choose your advisor with utmost care and that he is abides by the law.
  4. Any sort of investment is a business which, if not done with proper planning, may end up dropping your growth opportunities. Therefore, while buying gold or any other precious metal, for that matter; you need to identify the right percentage of the metal to be purchased which can fetch you high returns.
  5. Managing your accounts or portfolio is important when you need to protect your privacy and know about the legal implications while dealing with such financial accounts. There are many gold products which are not legally binding per se, as they can be purchased from the gold dealers for free.  On the other hand, there are gold instruments which fall under the legal purview of a country and need to be handled with care.
  6. The objective of buying gold can be attained by contacting the right dealer. You may find gold dealers spread in the market, but not all of them can fulfill the criteria of ethical gold dealings. You should do a thorough check and shop for a while before finalising the right dealer while buying gold with 100% purity.
  7. There are different ways of gold investment. In one form you deal with the actual metal and in the other you trade with funds which do not offer you the physical metal. So you need to understand the different options available while trading with gold.
  8. Unlike the real gold ventures, the gold stocks do not entertain you with good interests and your returns are attached to the company which mines and refines gold. So, if you do not want your days analysing your stocks, investment in real gold is preferred.
  9. You are familiar with Gold; you must have come across the terms 18k, 22k, or 24k gold. These terms are associated with the purity of the gold. The gold content and purity are the two terms linked with the gold market. You may find different gold products with the same content; however the purity quotient may vary.
  10. Do you buy gold in the form of jewellery? Then you do not fall under the usual list of investors. Gold bought in the form of jewellery undermines the whole idea of gold investment in usual terminology as in its jewellery form, its purity may differ. But you can always rely on buying gold jewellery and anticipate a better return when sold.
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