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Gen2 is an independent alternative asset management firm in Asia, with our main office located in Hong Kong's Landmark building, International Commerce Center. As a multi-award winning firm we pride ourselves on offering the very best, risk adjusted returns which are ideal for clients looking to move into the Asian investment market.

Shin Kiyoung, CEO at Gen2 Partners

Shin Kiyoung, CEO at Gen2 Partners

Prior to founding Gen2 Partners Limited, I was the head of Kingdon Capital's Korea office, which is highly reputable global hedge fund manager, gaining unique experience which I drew on when I decided to move into the Hong Kong hedge fund market myself.

In 2008 I set up Gen2 Partners in Hong Kong, drawing on my experience investing in Korea to support both onshore and offshore investors. Our Korean Credit Fund was launched in 2010 to work around these regulations. The fund invests mostly in investment grade fixed income funds based in Asia, tried to avoid working with high yield products in order to reduce risk.

This fund has been one of the key drivers of the success of the Gen2 Group for the past seven years. The reason for the success of our Korean investment strategy is because many international credit rating agencies do not understand the Korean financial market, and therefore they just apply their global ratings methodology to rating all bonds. This means we are able to invest in these poorly rated bonds and reap benefits accordingly.

Additionally, a lot of Korean investors have to buy bonds in vast sizes as this is how Korean institutions work, but liquidity in the market means that it is not easy to do this, therefore I am able to buy bonds ahead of time and accumulate a store of these, which I then sell in one transaction. These approaches have been highly successful and have helped to drive growth in our business since the fund's inception.

Since the firms' inception it has grown to become among the industry leaders in customised Asian Hedge Funds for Institutional Investors and Family Offices, in addition to being a trusted partner to help manage investors' exposure to Asia across all alternative strategies in the region.The investment professionals in the Gen2 hedge fund team have diverse backgrounds. The majority joined the team after successful

careers in some of the world's leading financial institutions. Others are extraordinarily gifted professionals who would like to work in an environment where they can flourish. They offer a diversity of input from the market with extensive local network, with close proximity to company executives and decision makers who are influential in the

future economic landscape of Asia. Overall our investment team is highly experienced and work collaboratively with a network of industry contacts to support growth across our fund portfolio.

Our internal culture successfully combines an entrepreneurial partnership structure with a disciplined institutional investment process to ensure that investors receive the best quality service which exactly meets their needs. We align the interests of the investment team with our investors as much as possible.

Alongside our investment team we have a dedicated team of senior partners focused exclusively on investor relations. We seek out feedback from our investors on our reporting, transparency and accessibility to ensure that we are always performing at our very best and supporting our clients.

Another differentiating factor is our proprietary risk management system. This system constantly monitors investment breaches by our Portfolio Managers. As such, our independent risk monitor firm and in-house risk team together produces monthly risk reports using state of the art risk management system, IMAGINE, that many of global banks and asset managers relying on.

We are in the process to set up on-shore hedge fund management firm in Korea to better service Korean institutional clients and potentially bring more talents who can contribute to generate alpha and achieve absolute returns regardless of market directions. This is an exciting opportunity for our firm as the Korean investment market is currently very strong, and the country has a lot of money internally, particularly invested in its pension funds, some of which are the third largest in the world, which is still growing rapidly. Owing to their aging population the country has to invest offshore, Gen2 Partners is perfectly placed to support them in this.

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