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Hallo world, my name is Mariam Gogoreliani, Head of Back-office, HDForex.

Mariam Gogoreliani
Mariam Gogoreliani

I am a proud member of this tremendous company from the  very beginning it was established more then three years ago. I am real #forexperson and have #forexonmymind.

Represent HDForex

Ever since HDForex was founded, during first initial year of active non-stop operating, company obtained market leader position and remains best regulated Georgian Broker and education provider locally and internationally since, with more than 80% market share on Georgian market.

What is the main key to success in Forex industry?

Considering, that our brokerage values and vision profits and generates income from trading commission of our dearest, most valuable customers, their success and long-term partnership is the most valuable intangible asset for our company. Due to this fact, education, immediate feedback ,customer support and flawless transactions is our main keys to our success story. In particular, I would like to mention flawless transactions. According to our agreement and  law and regulations, we have complete right to conduct every transaction during 3 business days, usually all transactions are proceeded on the same day, maximum during next working day in our brokerage house.

Main KPI-s

I would like to share all relevant skills and competencies ECN Broker should possess in order to achieve effective long-term, vast and impressive results.

Big range of available instruments (Commodities, Currency pairs, CFDs, Major Indices)

Unparalleled exchange quality execution

Low latency execution ( average speed of 4 ms sounds satisfying)

Ensure transparent price discovery and true cost of trade for every matched order

Complete  trading anonymity

Liquidity importance should be headlined. Our liquidity providers and their  trading technology offers transparent high-quality trading environment via providing liquidity through best AAA ranking financial institutions, such as Bank of America, BNP PARIBAZ, COMMERZBANK, CITI, JP Morgan etc. We would like to express our gratitude and appraisal for our current partner, LMAX based in Great Britain. In addition, Back-office system is prepared and technologically supported by our dearest partners Fair Trading Technology (FTT), Swedish company. Thanks to the combination of these two great companies, we have reliable, transparent and fluent operating cycle.

Partners and contacts are all that matters?

We would like to emphasize our dearest, beloved partner Dukascopy Bank S.A. from Switzerland. Together with this company, their amazing support and great trading environment, we have taken our first baby-steps towards retail Forex world. We have developed with them in the way no one could ever imagine, their partnership and friendship stands out and simply when you have such amazing partners, it is impossible not to reach such successful results and consequences.

HDForex-Best Forex Educational provider in Georgia, what are the reasons and key to success?

I will dedicate final headline to the significance of well-tuned and tailored education for our customers. We prepare world class traders and provide them with a wide range of educational tools free of charge. Several options should be noted: School of traders,personal Master classes,  free seminars and webinars, Video lessons and Coaching.

What inspires Forex world?

To summarize, let me quote Warren Buffet ~ ‘’Focus on your customers and lead your people as though their lives depend on your success’’… After all, investing in yourself, development and education is the best what you can do.


‘’Tbilisi Traders Club’’ LLC

Phone: +995 579782417


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