European Banking Forum: Digital Transformation in Retail Banking 2018

Following last year’s event, EBF will maintain its focus on Digital Transformation within Retail Banking.  The 2018 edition will once again provide a platform for leading European retail banks to come together to discuss their strategy for digital transformation.

The scope of the forum includes insights into how banks can collect and leverage data to create customer-centric products and a seamless customer journey, how best to commercialise PSD2, increase agility, optimise existing channels and achieve OmniChannel.

European Banking Forum: Digital Transformation in Retail Banking 2018
European Banking Forum: Digital Transformation in Retail Banking 2018

2018 Key Speakers:

  • Johan Kestens, Chief Information Officer, ING
  • Marc Baxter, UK Retail Lead for Open Banking/PSD2 commercialisation, HSBC
  • Antonio Queiroz, Head of Distribution, BNP Paribas
  • Laura Joseph, Director Digital Products – Barclaycard, Barclays
  • Terry Cordeiro, Head of Product Management, Applied Science & Intelligent Products, Lloyds
  • Aneet Morar, Head of Digital Partnerships, Lloyds

2018 Agenda Highlights

  • Sharing insights and experiences of commercialising PSD2 to thrive in the open-banking landscape
  • Presenting ING’s tribe system: a more agile business model
  • Leveraging partnerships to accelerate digital transformation
  • How Chatbot solutions have worked in practice for retail banks
  • Identifying the role of branches and contact centres within the future omnichannel bank
  • Panel: Investigating how to leverage analytics to generate actionable insights from data to improve customer-centric product development

The event presents an incredible opportunity to connect with banking professionals from all over Europe, to examine openings as well as look for solutions in order to move forward strategically.

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May 15 2018 – May 16 2018



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