Ericsson Chooses Tech Start-up Visyond to Streamline Spreadsheet Workflow in Sales Operations

As a company with more than 100,000 employees and over 40 percent of the world’s mobile traffic being carried through its networks, Ericsson’s workflow systems are understandably complex. The workflow of sales operations, however, has recently been drastically streamlined by 80% thanks to Visyond spreadsheets, which are automated and cloud-based.

The man responsible for modelling the value of Ericsson’s solutions to customers is Principal Value Consultant, Kedar Thakar.

Typically, workflow processes would take so long as Excel spreadsheets meant sending multiple versions of the model (for each account manager) via email or shared drives. Version control was done manually, resulting in a huge waste of time, slow responsiveness to customers and undetected errors.

Kadar says: “Visyond has greatly improved my productivity by reducing time spent on spreadsheet analysis, presentations and updates by more than 80%. This time saved with Visyond allowed me to focus on business impact rather than the intricacies of modelling I had to deal with in Excel.”

Visyond’s innovative data-centric design helped reduce error-prone manual work on spreadsheets, perform in minutes analyses and presentations that used to take days, and enable multiple stakeholders to seamlessly work together. The modeler has full control and visibility over who did what, while preventing unwanted access to sensitive data and reducing errors. This eliminated the information chaos faced by the sales operations team, who used to manage multiple file versions, comments and backup information, scattered across email, shared drives and personal devices. ‘What-if’ questions can now be answered in real time without having to go back to the spreadsheet. Spreadsheet updates became much easier to manage, as manual data consolidation and version comparison were no longer required. This dramatically improved turnaround time and reduced the risk of errors introduced by clients and account managers.

It goes to show how start-up tech companies, like Visyond, are driving industry innovation and can be key to supporting corporate giants with their competitiveness.

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