Down The Rabbit Hole – Enter A New Age Of Pioneering

This week, from 30 – 31 October, the Pioneers Festival will bring together well-known national and international entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, tech-enthusiasts, media representatives, and trailblazers from a variety of fields to celebrate a new age of pioneering in Austria’s capital city. With more than 2,500 participants, Pioneers Festival is not solely another web conference; instead it goes beyond by focusing on innovative future technologies and the important role they play. It is then taken one step further by giving access to these technologies and allowing participants their own experience.

Heisenberg Media Dan Taylor
Heisenberg Media Dan Taylor

A little guide through Innovation Wonderland – what to expect from a day at Pioneers Festival

Heisenberg Media Dan Taylor
Heisenberg Media Dan Taylor

1. Where am I?
The Pioneers Festival takes place in the stunning Vienna Imperial Palace, a building that provides a beautiful backdrop with more than enough space for all the Festival activities. In addition to the Arena, the stage where attendees get to listen to some of the globe’s most forward-thinking explorers, and the Academy supported by Konica Minolta, where those who are eager to gain in-depth expertise in entrepreneurship gather, attendees may find themselves in the Startup Showroomamongst 40 startups showcasing their ventures. In general, the Innovation Wonderland is the right place to meet and greet for a drink.

2. Whom can I meet? 
Take a moment to make a checklist of whom you’d like to meet. With 2,500 attendees, the Festival is a great way to network and connect, and an excellent opportunity to meet visionaries and trailblazers, business partners and perhaps even future co-founders. For startups in particular, the investors lineup is an appealing added bonus. Our attendees list boasts individuals from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. Set up an appointment with anyone you’d like by creating a account.


Heisenberg Media Dan Taylor
Heisenberg Media Dan Taylor

3. Enjoy and participate in various startup competitions
The startup competitions are the backbone of Pioneers Festival. Both software and hardware startups have the chance to prove themselves internationally and present their ideas to a high-caliber public, consisting of media representatives, investors and possible clients. There are numerous chances to enjoy these events like the 90“ Pitch or the Pioneers Showroom (is the showroom an event??), including the infamous Pioneers Challenge, where eight startups out of over 670 applicants will compete to win the Pioneers World Tour, with stops in Shenzhen, Singapore, Atlanta, New York and San Francisco, and the Pioneers Festival Award 2013.

4. New technology paradise
Pioneers Festival is also a platform for product launches and European-premieres. New technology is a giant slice of the Pioneers pie – aside from product pitches, new technologies will be presented for the first time in Europe, and companies will demonstrate their new projects, as is the case with Eksobionics and their robotic exoskeletons. Pioneers Festival provides the rare chance to experience this new technology hands-on and under one roof.

5. Pioneers party people
At Pioneers, the motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard”. Each night of the Festival, attendees have a variety of After Parties to choose from, including the Pioneers Official HackHardPlayHard, Braintribe’s Tribefire Launch Party and the infamous Pioneers Halloween Party on closing day. Celebrate with old friends and new connections!

Further information:

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About Pioneers Festival:
Pioneers Festival brings together national and international founders, startups, pioneers, investors, tech enthusiasts and media representatives once per year in Vienna to celebrate entrepreneurship and future technologies, to inspire and to educate. During the two-day festival in the Vienna Hofburg, quality content by renowned speakers is discussed, the winners of the Pioneers Challenge are crowned, and a framework for a positive festival atmosphere is provided. Pioneers Festival was founded in the year 2012, making 30-31 October 2013 the second event. Andreas Tschas and Jürgen Furian, the organizers of Pioneers, have been actively involved in the European startup scene in previous years.

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