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Cybersecurity for Online Business



Cybersecurity for Online Business

The emergence of e-commerce, online retail companies, and the digital environment have provided a lot of opportunities. When consumers make a purchase online, it leads to increased customer engagement. At the same time, they also entrust you with their financial and personal information. It leads to several security problems and business risks. Most online businesses are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats because they store a lot of customer information, contact, email address, username, and passwords. Cybercriminals misuse this information to get all the data and identity and make money through this.

If you run an online business, you need to be aware of all the cybersecurity threats that concern your company's data and reputation.

Types of Cyber Threats

Cybercriminals are always creating new ways of launching cyber-attacks; some of the common breaching methods that have always been around are:


Phishing occurs when someone tries to trick your email recipients into opening malicious content or to download ransomware. The cybercriminals try to trace a weak link to your business's security and get all your data.

Watering holes

Watering holes happen when your website is hijacked by cybercriminals and turned into a malicious website without your knowledge. They attempt to install malicious content on the devices searching for your website.

Drive-by Downloads

In these cases, cybercriminals or other malicious websites will try to install a corrupt software on your website or device, without your permission. This is one of the most common threats to your website, which happens if your security system is using an outdated operating system.

These are some of the common cybercrimes for online businesses. However, they are not restricted to these. It is very critical for companies to take steps to improve their security and use the best practices for cybersecurity.

Steps for Cybersecurity

The first step begins with training and educating your employees about these practices and how to be cautious about these. You need to establish some guidelines around security and make it a daily habit for all. It would be best if you also created a solid cybersecurity plan for your online business.


The firewall is the main door to your organization for any cyber threat. It needs to be secured, locked down, and only authorized traffic should be allowed to enter this. If you are looking for a secure firewall with protection against any threats, BitDefender provides complete firewall and webcam protection to ensure that no malicious content enters your website.

Email Filtering

To avoid any email-based malicious coding and fraud, you must filter your spam and virus-infected emails outside your firewall. This will reduce the traffic on your internet connection and will not let any malicious content enter your network. Moreover, you need to set up your firewalls only to accept emails from a known source or your email filtering service.

Website Filtering

In most cases, malicious content enters through other websites. All users and employees should be prevented from using websites known for corrupt or malicious content. This can become a real threat to your security and might result in huge losses. Hence, you should make sure you do a complete website filtering and block access for malicious websites.

Network Access Control

In addition to the previous point, only authorized devices should be permitted to connect to your network. Access should be limited to the only resources necessary to do your business. In the case of wireless services, you should not provide access to everyone. If needed, access should only be provided as a guest user. BitDefender provides next-gen security customized as per your business needs.

Network Monitoring

Similar to the motion sensors present in your company to detect suspicious movements in your absence, you need network monitoring services to expose any suspicious affair on your website. This service is provided by your cybersecurity experts to protect any harmful or malicious content from entering your website. Moreover, you will also be able to control and monitor the devices operating under your network and be able to track their usage. With its cloud-based centralized control for multiple devices, BitDefender provides complete security and monitoring of your devices.

Antivirus and Software Updates

With new viruses being deployed every day, it becomes critical for you to keep your antivirus and anti-malware software updated. Hackers enter your computer network through these outdated apps. Make sure you protect your system from these viruses and install new software updates. Train your employees on installing software updates for complete network security. BitDefender provides customized plans for antivirus protection for all your devices, suiting your business needs.

Virtual Private Networks

VPNs play an essential role in securing your company and network's information. With VPN, you can encrypt all the traffic leaving and entering your devices. If anyone manages to intercept this information, they will still have encrypted data and not the actual data. With unlimited VPN traffic, BitDefender allows your business to make the most use of this and secure your network from any malware.

There are enough and more reasons to protect yourself from any cyber threat. With the points mentioned above, you can protect your business from cyber threats. With various customizable plans and options, BitDefender combines all its security services into a single delivery platform.

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