CreditCall Celebrates One Year Chip and PIN mPOS Anniversary

CreditCall, the award-winning payment services provider, celebrates the one year anniversary of it commercially launching the world’s first Chip and PIN enabled mobile point of sale (mPOS) offering – CardEase Mobile. The solution provides merchant-facing businesses, such as banks, acquirers, processors and payment service providers, with a tried and tested standalone mPOS white label solution and integrated payment API for smartphone and tablet applications.

CreditCall initially launched CardEase Mobile in the UK in May 2012 and incorporated it into Elavon’s MobileMerchant payment application. As a result, CreditCall became the first mPOS provider in the world to allow customers, such as direct sales agents, tradespeople, market stall owners or delivery services, to accept fully secured Chip and PIN card payments on their smartphone or tablet. In addition to eradicating the hassle of cheques or cash, this also benefits merchants through improved cash-flow.

Since the UK launch, merchants across Ireland, Switzerland, France, Malta and Belgium have also adopted CardEase Mobile. It is deployed either as a standalone white label mPOS solution or as an integrated card processing API for smartphone and tablet applications using CreditCall’s Software Development Kit (SDK). CreditCall is now rolling the solution out to additional regions throughout Europe and plans to extend the offering to the U.S. and South America.

The end-to-end encrypted solution consists of a customisable app, a selection of fully approved and EMV certified Chip card readers, including the Miura Shuttle and Thyron PosMate®, a multi-channel and real-time transaction reporting tool, a PCI DSS Level 1 certified payment gateway and a Terminal Management System (TMS) for remote configuration of the payment process including PIN pad software updates. CardEase Mobile can be supplemented by CreditCall’s Cardholder Not Present (CNP) and eCommerce products, making it a one-stop-shop for any card payment requirements including face-to-face, online or mobile transactions.

Guy Harris, Elavon’s Managing Director Europe, explained: “CreditCall has been on the exciting mPOS journey with us for over a year now, helping us navigate through the fragmented and ever evolving mobile payments market. Thanks to CreditCall’s expertise, farsightedness and knowledge of regulations and standards, we were able to launch an mPOS solution over a year ago to meet the latest requirements and regulations, which didn’t exist at that point of time. We are proud that one year in our high standard has become the status quo of the payments ecosystem and has set the benchmark for EMV enabled mPOS solutions worldwide. CreditCall has continuously invested time and money developing the most sophisticated, secure and reliable mPOS solution available. Based on the success in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, we are looking forward to rolling out our solution into further territories.”

Peter Turner, CreditCall’s CEO, commented, “In 2010, there were questions about whether a Chip and PIN solution could ever work reliably in the field. With an increasing number of CardEase Mobile users regularly utilising the solution, it is now a proven concept with a very low overhead for customer support. CreditCall’s total solution approach, combining multichannel capability with real-time reporting and terminal management, is proving to be very popular with large organisations wanting to be part of this emerging market. In the SME sector, growth continues to accelerate. Expectations by retailers to move payment points to the customer, rather than insisting the customer moves to the payment point, are driving additional adoption of mPOS solutions. We continue to invest both in our mPOS and other multi-channel solutions to ensure the best possible merchant experience.”

Peter Turner is speaking on 24 June at 9:00a.m. about ‘Commerce Convergence, Going Mobile – What does it take?’ at the mPOS World Conference & Expo in Frankfurt. Peter will share the highs and lows that companies face when they attempt to bring innovation to mobile payments. He will also take part in the Q&A session ‘Exploring the mPOS ecosystem’ with Credorax CEO Benjamin Nachman. The two day event will take place from 24-25 June at the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel and will bring together industry players to discuss the latest mPOS business models, trends and innovations. The company is also showcasing its white label solution CardEase Mobile, at booth 7 throughout the duration of the event.