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Lars Holst

CFH Clearing announces the launch of ClearVision – a new suite of products which define the future of online trading by providing brokers with a combination of Prime of Prime interbank liquidity and state of the art, sophisticated trading technology.

Lars Holst

Lars Holst

The new, modular suite of broker tools is aimed primarily at Tier I and II brokers looking to take their business to the next level. ClearVision provides all the cutting-edge tools required by brokers to manage an increasingly complex business with multiple trading platforms, liquidity providers, back office systems and risk books.

ClearVision is a major evolution for CFH Clearing, which has already established itself as the global leader in Prime of Prime solutions to brokers in 82 countries. "With ClearVision we take it to the next level," says CEO, Lars Holst. "Over the past five years we have been fortunate to work closely with some of the leading brokers in the world and it became obvious to us that they were consistently looking for the same two things: control and  transparency in both their liquidity offering and their technology partner."

ClearVision connects to CFH Clearing's pool of leading Tier 1 banking relationships but can also be delivered with the broker's own liquidity and independently of CFH Clearing.

The ClearVision STP tools have been developed over the last five years for CFH Clearing's internal use. They have been made available externally on a full scale following demand from clients, recognising the power and value that these tools would add to their offering. In addition, the tools have been enhanced with advanced risk management tools to also cater for brokers who manage their own dealing desk.

The tools provide any sized brokers with everything they need to run and optimize their business. ClearVision has been designed as a modular system – enabling brokers to select the whole package or specific individual tools more relevant to their particular needs. Tools include:

  • ClearControl – Feed management and B-book engine, both configurable in real-time.
  • ClearPortal – The Client Account Management System to create and configure client accounts and trading related settings.
  • ClearAllocate – The Block Trading tool for Fund Managers.
  • ClearRisk – The Risk Management tool for the dealing desk with overview of client accounts and direct market access.
  • ClearDealer – Dealing Interface with Direct Market Access.
  • ClearAccess – The Back Office APIs, enables the broker to integrate their own back office systems and build localised reports.
  • ClearVision can be integrated with ClearPro, ClearWeb, FIX 4.4, tradable, MT4, MT5, Vertex and Act.
ClearVision logo

ClearVision logo

CFH Clearing, which rebranded from CFH Markets in June 2013, is an interbank prime of prime solutions provider to small and medium sized institutional clients.  It has over 400 institutional clients in 82 countries. CFH Clearing is authorized and regulated by the FCA.
For further information on ClearVision, please visit

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