It’s a fact that healthier lifestyles lead to a more productive workforce. The science speaks for itself. Studies at the University of Bristol have shown that after exercising your mind is sharper, work performance increases and your time management skills improve.

Exercise increases the blood flow to the brain and heightens awareness, plus it enhances your body’s ability to distribute glucose and oxygen, boosting your energy levels. During a workout, your brain releases serotonin and endorphins that make you feel good about things. A healthier lifestyle means employees take fewer sick days, are more engaged with their work and are more motivated to perform to their full potential.

Back2Fitness is a team dedicated to improving the health and fitness of those whose busy lives have led them to fall out of their good, old habits. Their 12-week programme offers a combination of exercise and healthy nutrition, for individuals and groups, in an easy step-by-step plan.

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Back2Fitness co-founder and strength and conditioning coach Sam Yassin, “There’s clear evidence that fitter staff are more productive, so getting into shape is a winner on so many fronts. When people feel good about themselves, their motivation and energy levels increase, making them more effective employees.”

Neil Back MBE, England rugby legend and co-founder of Back2Fitness has recently rediscovered some of the fitness of his playing days after completing the transformation plan. He now hopes to pass on advice from his fitness experiences to businesses and employees as a ploy to boost work ethic and motivation.

Back2Fitness offers bespoke corporate packages for businesses purchasing ten or more gold packages for their employees. They devise fitness and wellbeing seminars and team-building events tailor-made for companies’ precise requirements. With Neil Back’s knowledge of what makes high performance teams tick, the Back2Fitness guys will deliver an all-round boost for your business. A small investment can have a big impact on the productivity and wellbeing of any workplace.

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