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An advertising agency, also known as a graphic agency or a creative agency, is a company devoted to producing, strategizing, and managing advertising and at times other types of advertising for the clients. Advertising agencies deal with the whole range of advertising needs that include television, radio, print, and outdoor advertising. These services are usually provided by a number of companies located in the US. These companies hire freelance artists, who are experts at the art of generating images, posters, logos, booklets, brochures, flyers, postcards, catalogues, and so on.

Advertising agencies usually deal with the whole gamut of marketing. The client can choose to use one of these agencies or bring in an in-house design team and designers. In most cases, the advertising will be provided by the agencies and they would be responsible for all the research and compiling of the data provided by the client. The advertising agencies normally have a large variety of specialists who specialize in particular areas such as television, radio, newspapers, films, magazines, books, and films. Some of the advertising agencies deal with a number of verticals, whereas others focus on one specific vertical.

The professionals working at an advertising agency should be capable of designing brochures, posters, catalogues, cards, calendars, booklets, labels, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, boxes, brochures, flyers, postcards, catalogues, advertisements, and billboards. These professionals can be recruited from a variety of different areas such as design, advertising, graphic arts, logos, animation, computer graphics, prop design, illustration, film production, publishing, television, and the Internet. The graphic designers are specialized in the use of colors, fonts, logos, images, lighting, video, and so on. Some of them specialize in particular fields such as web development, website design, banner design, advertising sales, magazine production, and the like. Advertising agencies use people who are talented at drawing, creating simple animations, using special effects software, and so on.

If you want to employ an advertising agency for your business, you will need to provide them with some creative ideas so that they can come up with the most effective advertisement campaign that will meet your requirements. The clients can discuss the requirements with the advertising agency and they should be provided with the information about the possible campaigns which they can carry out. The advertising agencies have various design teams, which consist of different people who are responsible for carrying out the different tasks. The design team usually consists of creative designers, copywriters, printers, web designers, marketing managers, accountants, office staff, and other office support staff. The design team can work together as a team to decide upon the designs, colors, logos, images, texts, and so on.

The graphic designers play an important role in deciding the look of the advertisement and they ensure that it is appealing to the target audience so that the advertisement gets a lot of exposure. This enables the client to choose the appropriate design for their product. The advertising agencies often hire graphics designers who are qualified professionals. The design process of the advertising agency starts after they have finalized the look of the advertisement. The graphic designers work together with the other members of the team to plan the placement of the images, colors, logos, texts, and so on.

Once the designing work has been done by the advertising agency, the client can test drive the advertisement. The creative team often provides visual advertisements for testing purposes so that the client can check the effectiveness of the campaigns. Most of the companies prefer to hire the services of a professional firm rather than going for a freelance designer. The agency hired by the client has an experienced group of people who know how to work as a team.

There are several freelance designing firms which provide services for an advertising agency. These firms help to advertise the company's products and they generally work according to the instructions given by the advertising agency. These firms are also associated with a lot of other agencies, which helps them to spread their business rapidly. Many companies prefer to hire a particular advertising agency because of their high standard of work.

The advertising agencies normally have many design artists who specialize in different areas of design such as web design, print design, corporate identity design, and logo design, illustration, animation design, print design, television design, CD/DVD design, banner design, and promotions and advertising. There are also creative design artists who provide special services such as wedding invitations, flyers, posters, annual reports, brochures, flyers, corporate identity designs, brochures, and custom catalogues. All these services are provided by the agencies at a reasonable rate. Many professional firms have their branches all over the world where their talented and experienced designers can be sent to give wonderful designing work to their clients.

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