Adding money to PayPal

Making worldwide digital payments has never been so easy before PayPal came into existence.

PayPal is an international payment gateway that supports digital wallet also. So using PayPal you can not only shop online in 203 countries but can also transfer money and set up online shop and except payment but these services have to be used while being within the purview of the central bank and the legal requirements of the country. This creates variations in usage procedure across nations.

Although for the above purposes you do not require to have funds in your PayPal account as you can do it directly from your bank account once you have linked it, still we should be clear on the procedure to add money to PayPal balance. Before we move onto further discussion, let me state here that in certain countries, you cannot hold money in your PayPal account for more than 5-6 days; you have to deposit it into a bank account.

Money can be added to your PayPal account electronically, from number of sources but the foreign transfers are chargeable in most of the countries. These sources, when considered on global basis, can be –

  • Bank Account
  • Another PayPal account
  • Prepaid cards

Adding funds from a bank account

To add funds from a bank account, you should have a bank account linked to your PayPal account. As all countries do not allow this linking you might not be able to do it at all places. Once you have done this linking from PayPal app, you have to confirm the bank account.  Once confirmed by you, you can add money to your PayPal balance by clicking on “Add Money” icon, selecting the bank account from which it is to be transferred and then clicking on “Add”. After clicking on “Add”, the process might take few more days to add money, depending on the bank and your PayPal usage.

Adding money from another PayPal account

Again within country transfer is not possible in all countries so check before doing such type of transfers. For receiving money from another PayPal account, click on “Send & request” option and then click on “Request money”. The system will ask you to put in the email address of the account holder from where the money has to be added. Also amount would be asked for. On putting the requisite details, the sender would be receiving email about the same along with the instruction on how to send money using PayPal account. The amount would be added to your PayPal balance few days after the sender has completely followed the instructions.

Prepaid cards

This method can be used only when the card has MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover logo on it. Such cards can be used for making purchases but PayPal will not allow you split money between the card amount and PayPal balance. It means that if you do not enough money for a transaction in your prepaid card, you will not be able to carry out that transaction using that card. So, it, per se, doesn’t add money to your PayPal balance but allows you to increase your spending limit by a fixed amount. To link a card, click on “link a card” option in “credit card/debit card” section and go by the instructions that follow.