F&C Investments has created a guide to Investment ISAs infographic. The infographic outlines the benefits of investing in an ISA, such as preserving your capital, growing your money, generating some income and ensuringthat your money is tax-efficient.

It also outlines what an ISA is, as well as the types of ISA that are currently available (including Cash ISAs and Stocks and Shares ISAs) and how you can access your funds once they have been placed in an ISA.

If this infographic has got you thinking about opening an ISA, you can decide how much you want to invest, and how often. You could start by investing a lump sum, or make monthly contributions of as little as £50, or both, contributing up to the annual limit each and every year.

An ISA is great for combining multiple existing investments. Even though you don’t need to maintain the investment, you can keep track of it periodicallyto make sure the investment is working for you. You can withdraw your funds at any time and transfer your ISA to a different provider


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