Diversification in the investment policies- is the only way you can earn better way of investment securities. Many of the individuals, who lose their money on the investments, certainly do not have the knowledge of investment portfolio diversification. The market policies and the economy is as predictable as weather. So, even if one cannot tell when it should be raining; but eventually can afford to buy an umbrella and prevent himself from getting drenched.

10 different ways to diversify your investment portfolio
10 different ways to diversify your investment portfolio

That is what the investment portfolio diversification- is all about. Diversification is the method through which you get maximum securities for all your money that you have invested and for that mutual fund investments are going to be your trump card.

Generally the basic methods used for diversification of investment portfolio are to be stated as below—

  1. Investment type: – Investment type is generally a well-known method of investment diversification. Basically, when you are investing your money through different ways such as the bond, mutual fund investments, stocks, currencies, convertible securities and real estate investments. When you are diversifying your money through these different types of investment- you are optimizing for your chance of greater market security for all your investment.
  2. Investing in different countries: – This is yet another comprehensive way of diversifying your investment portfolio. Some of the other country’s currency may hold greater advantage over yours. Also, if your country’s economy goes down; your investments are doing well in other countries.
  3. Different market: – Different market is the other option in different currency or region investment portfolio diversification. The different markets have different investment cycles, through which you can be certain of greater security for your investments made.
  4. Different industry: – Investing in different industry through stock or market share- is another way of investment diversification. Certainly, an industry belonging to a government sector, or an industry belonging to a power and heavy metal sector- will have higher market shares than an industry belonging to the retail market.
  5. Different market optimization comes next. Investing in a large company will provide you with maximum profit, whereas small company shares would provide lesser profit.
  6. Investment companies with different market shares and investment brokers are also to be included as ways of diversification.
  7. Investment style is also a factor in diversifying your investment.
  8. Rate of return certain comprehends a great deal of diversifying factor.
  9. Holding period can be a very important way of diversification.
  10. Holding cash for a certain period of time is also to be concluded as a way of investment portfolio diversification.