Why do Forex companies become benefactors?

Stock market trading and charity – nothing in common?


FBS is a broker that will introduce you to the world of good causes!

Forex is one of the best ways to get unlimited profit on the Internet. Nowadays, Forex trading is growing more and more popular: at times of crisis people start looking for new sources of income and, having tried market trading once, they realize how beneficial it is. That is why, a lot of brokerage companies, together with their numerous clients, improve and progress rapidly, drawing unrestricted profit from this magical pot of gold.

Simultaneously, a question of social responsibility arises: some people trade and profit, some people engage in other income-generating activities, but there are always people who are in desperate circumstances and living things that need help. Charity is crucial these days and we need it like air. During these hard times, a company’s success entails a certain responsibility. A thriving business can ease the sufferings of other people, if part of its income is given to charity. Sympathy and understanding, love and kindness – this is what makes us human, not big money.


Doing good is easy!

Carrying out charity campaigns is a duty of a successful company. International broker FBS came to this conclusion a couple of years ago and is now actively involved in providing help to people, and more than just financially. What is more, all clients who work with FBS become benefactors themselves! The company forwards part of its own commission on trading to those in need.

First charity campaigns were launched when the company was just at the start of its journey and rising in the Asian region – gifts were sent to foster homes, rehabilitation centers and senior homes in Indonesia in 2013.

2014 was marked by a launch of the “Ramadan” promotion that turned regular. During the campaign, the company transfers all its profit from “Muslim” accounts to charity organizations. Thanks to these promotions, children and adults from Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Indonesia and Malaysia have received considerable help.  Everyone in need were provided with food, clothes and gifts, and FBS volunteers themselves visited the сhildren’s fund “Hamba” (Indonesia), the children’s fund for the HIV-positive “POSHE” (Malaysia), the orphan children’s fund “Rumah Ilham” (Malaysia), as well as schools in Tunisia, food closets in Egypt and other organizations.


Doing good deeds… together

FBS company services are unchangeably popular in Indonesia – the company has a solid base of loyal customers there, it has received awards signed by the country ministers, for instance, the “Reliable Broker Forex Company in Indonesia and Service Excellent of the year” 2015 supported by the Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia.

In the summer of 2015, when the country was engulfed by smog due to forest fires that threatened people’s lives and health in Indonesia and the neighbouring Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, FBS company could not just stand by and watch. Such big-scale catastrophes have irreversible impact on the world’s climate. The company volunteers gave out smog-protective masks, medical supplies and plants to clean the air. Over $10 000 was forwarded to aid the victims of the disaster.

The very same year, one of FBS partners took care of rescuing people from drought and the whole village in the Gunung Kidul region of Indonesia was well-supplied with safe drinking water. People could make it through the difficult times without selling their cattle and jewelry.

In general, FBS partners and representatives working in different countries of the world make a great contribution to the cause of charity. They host cost-free dinner events in honour of religious holidays in Malaysia and Indonesia, feed children in the orphanage in Thailand and respond to people’s needs.

Apart from that, FBS draws luxury cars, organizes lotteries and makes its traders’ dreams come true on a regular basis. Just recently, the 1 000 000th client of the company (a citizen of Indonesia) was gifted a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle that she had always dreamed about!


Participation in large-scale projects

A year ago FBS company became a sponsor of the Child’s Dream charity organization that supports deprived children from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Healthcare and education are the fund’s key focus areas, and FBS has joined this program to make children smile! This was the start of big projects for the company.

After a while, FBS company initiated cooperation with the World Animal Protection organization that saves and protects both wild and domestic animals. World Animal Protection  representatives are located in Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, North and South America. This is the most prominent fund that stands against violence towards animals around us and struggles to prevent their sufferings caused by the environment. Animals play an important role in our lives, and FBS is happy to make the world a little better.


Sky is the limit

2016 has a lot of charity campaigns in store for FBS, this is just the beginning. Our clients do good deeds together with us! By simply choosing FBS as their broker, they become a part of something good. The company’s success and good deeds are an achievement of the talented leaders, passionate specialists, reliable partners, loyal customers and many other caring people!

Work on Forex starts in a couple of minutes by opening an account, international success and acknowledgement come in years by working devotedly for the benefit of others.