Accountancy firm uses powerful business CMS platform to increase visitor engagement


Whiting and Partners is an accounting firm made up of 15 partners with eight offices in East Anglia, UK. It exists as a general practice of chartered accountants to, primarily, help individuals start and run their own SME business.

The Challenge

Before Redesign
Before Redesign

The Whiting and Partners’ website had always been content heavy with over 200 pages of information on accounting topics. The site was structured in a very complicated way with files arranged in to folders and basic navigation tools which left the user to trawl through the site for the content they wanted. Although high quality content drove visitors to the website through organic searches, engagement on the site was poor with high bounce rates and low page views. The complex structure also made it difficult for the site owner to manage all of the content and keep it up-to-date.


A decision was made to recreate the site with a much more user-friendly approach. Whiting turned to the powerful website builderTelaeo.com which helped to base all of the content around each of the partner’s writing blogs. Every partner has a specialist area within accounting and between them their diverse range of topics brought the Whiting site to life – not just for their clients but for any SME business owner who wanted advice on topics like iR35, VAT and potential scam HMRC emails.

A platform was chosen to enable the perfect execution of website design for the firm and provide a structured filing system for the multitude of blogs and articles. A pre-release version of the Telaeo.com website builder was selected because it provided an easy way for website designers to build the site and the library of articles. The system also enabled the website manager to provide each accountant with their own structured filing system so they could seamlessly update their articles and personal information in the future.

After Redesign
After Redesign

Each blog gives the reader an option to learn about the writer’s background along with links to the last three blogs posted by that accountant and recommended readings from other specialists. This created a smooth and user friendly introduction to all of the services provided by the firm. Furthermore, each blog is supplemented with case studies and related services to keep the reader engaged and encourage them to explore the site further.

Unfortunately, the old website did not have analytical data that could be compared with today’s data. However, since January 2013 engagement on the site has increased and the organic average visit duration has also risen from 1m 35s to 3m 40s, with 25 percent of visitors returning to the site spending an average of 4m 23s reading new content. By keeping visitors on the site and maintaining a strong call to action on every page, the chance of that visitor making an enquiry has increased – the website is now successfully receiving a high number of enquiries via online form submissions and direction from the telephone.

About Telaeo

Telaeo.com enables designers to build powerful business websites easily without the need for costly developers. Telaeo.com is a turnkey business platform which enables designers to perfectly replicate their web designs using a drag and drop framework system. It is packed with powerful business functions like a smart and fully flexible auto response form system, multi-layered blogging and media tools, quick and easy e-commerce and event booking as well as editable multi-user access controls, allowing management to limit a user’s access to parts of the site.

Telaeo.com’s parent company, Emotio, have been designing and building brands since 1989. Its digital skills have been honed over two decades with hundreds of successful campaigns and websites behind it and many more ahead. Emotio have worked across every sector for more than a decade including: hospitality, retail, finance, professional services, estate agents and manufacturing.  www.emotio-design-group.co.uk.

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