Where To Cash A Check Without Paying A Fee

With the global population moving towards a cash-less world, people prefer to pay through account transfers and checks rather than cash for petty services. Though this is a good thing for those who pay, it may not be so much in favor of the recipient. More often than not banks charge for the services they offer and that might not augur well for all.

Can we Cash a Check for Free?

While you can cash checks for reasonable rates, some places charge an exorbitant fee for cashing checks.

This is frustrating as the holder of the check gets paid less! However, there are some places where you can cash a check for free.

Your Bank

Your bank is ultimately the best bet for cashing a check for free. Most banks do not charge their account holders to cash checks however, there are a few banks that charge a minimal amount for the same. Moreover, if it is your bank you can always deposit the check and withdraw a little later. This makes your bank one of the best places to cash your check.

Credit Unions

If you are a member in a credit union, it offers more benefits to you than you had thought possible. With plenty of shared branching locations globally, it offers you the advantage of cashing your check in any one of these locations without much ado.

Check-Issuing Bank

The next best thing is to walk into check-issuing bank to cash the check. The check issuing bank is none other than the bank where the person issuing the check has an account. A check issuing bank usually doesn’t charge for it’s checks. However, some banks might levy a minimal fee for non-customers. You are best advised to check this with the check-issuing bank.

Retail Stores

When you think about Retail stores, don’t just go to any of the retail giants like Wal-Mart or Kmart, though these stores will cash in your check, you will be charged a fee. Walk into any of the grocery stores that will cash the check for free, the only catch will be that you may have to buy some stuff in there and pay with the check to get the balance back.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are the best answer if you are wondering where you can cash a check near you. The first step is to create a prepaid account, deposit the check, get a prepaid card and you are on your way to spending the money. However, prepaid cards will work only if you do not have an urgent need for money. If the bank that you choose has a better fund availability policy, then you may get access to the money earlier.

These are the main options if you are looking where to cash a personal check without having to pay a fee. Cashing stores are the best option in case you are in a hurry and are prepared to pay the fee that is applicable. The fees will differ from store to store and hence it is better to verify it before cashing the check.

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