What is Annual Percentage Yield or APR?

Annual percentage yield or APR happens to apply to merely digital accounts. The term actually shows the annual yield or the interest which is going to be paid on your accounts. These are the high precision interest rates which will be compounded on the basis of 365 days. Apart from investment-related options, these percentage yields are also going to be helpful to you when it comes to resorting to a loan option.

Revealing APR

APR is supposed to be a very resourceful tool when it comes to the context of assessing the amount of interest levels which you can have on your fund or resources.

To be very specific, Annual Percentage Yield is levied when you make an earning through some investment. APR is always associated with compounding interest levels all throughout the year. When you are earning then higher APR is good for you. However, when you are supposed to make some repayment then lower APR should be good for you.

In the economic world, your APR is considered to be highly important in connection with deposit certificates, money markets as well as with SBs. Your APR is going to show you how you make more money or profit through these aforementioned channels.

Interest rates and APR

There are many who think that interest rates and APR are the same things. It is not. Interest rates are normal rates levied on loan and mortgages. Whereas, APR stands for interest rates coupled with fees and all-inclusive taxes. Therefore, you always find APR to be greater than interest rates. However, APR might come in both fixed as well as variable forms.

APR is supposed to be a very resourceful tool when it comes to the context of assessing the amount of interest levels which you can have on your fund or resources.


There are at least two very significant reasons, which make APR a must for you. They are-

Monthly compounding facilities

While thinking of your APR, you must consider the fact that they come up with monthly compounding facilities. It actually helps you in enhancing your earnings.

Single payment facilities every year  

While dealing with APR-related to a loan or mortgage of yours, you do not have to go through too much of hassles. You can deal with it by making a single payment in a year.

Why is APR so invaluable?

APR is so invaluable because it is very simple in nature, in the first place. It includes all sorts of fees as well as taxes. At the same time, it is adjustable or flexible.

How do you calculate APR?

It does not require any rocket science to calculate APR. In order to come out with your precise APR you would have to add up the professional fees along with additional payments with the existing interest rates.

Three aspects to take care of

In order to make sure that you get the best incentives out of your APR you need to take good care of three essential aspects. They are

  • Annual payments
  • Closing costs
  • Origination fees

With these, you can control your APR better,

While giving a thought about APR you might also need to do some digging in terms of the EAR or effective annual rate. This is a specific know-how which will be of great help in terms of taking care of your compound interests. Being armed with the knowledge of APR, APY and EAR you will be in a better position as it comes to making decisions in terms of your loan or mortgage options.