What are the advantages of Internet Banking

Online/Internet banking are banking services provided online. The advantages of Internet Banking are:
• Most banks offer online banking as a conveyance to their customers allowing them to conduct many transactions from their own computer without going into a branch location.
• Awide variety of activities ranging from checking and maintaining the services online i.e. to monitor accounts online and also keeping close eye on the different transactions involved.
• Getting connected with the financial advisors of the bank for educational reform on our financial planning like Investments in Securities, Mutual funds, loans, interest rates associated and above all even for short and long term plan for maximisation of our goals.
• To get value based education on Equities, funds transfer, product and promotional offers, etc thereby bringing cost effective strategies so as to expand customer base, which is win-win situation for customers as well as trading banks.
• There are banks that function only as internet banks with no brick and mortar branches.