We’ll quit – two in five brits admit they’d resign if perks were stopped


Two in five UK workers (43%) said that they would leave their current job if their workplace benefits were stopped, a recent survey of 1,000 UK workers has revealed.

The survey, by leading corporate business gifts supplier Adler, also found that a third of respondents want continuing refreshment and updating of their benefits, stating that they would leave if this did not take place.

Benefits packages are most important to emergency services and healthcare professionals with half (50.4%) of those employed in these industries saying that they would quit if perks and incentives were stopped. Emergency services and healthcare workers are keenest to protect access to further education and training, with one third of employees in these sectors stating that they consider this benefit as essential.

The top five key desirables that workers are keen to see in their benefits packages as standard are: flexi-time, pension schemes, performance bonuses, matching pensions contributions and free food and drinks in the office.

The importance of company perks to employees only looks set to increase as younger individuals make their way up the workplace hierarchy. 18-34-year olds are more likely to value the incentives than older colleagues, with 40% saying they put benefits packages before basic salary, compared to just 6% of over 55s.

Other information revealed by the survey includes:

  • 63% of workers want customisable benefits packages
  • 45% of respondents would apply for a job based on the benefits package alone

For further findings from the survey please visit the Adler blog herehttps://magazine.adler.co.uk/promotional-idea/how-workplace-perks-can-retain-and-motivate-staff/


A spokesperson from Adler Business Gifts said about the findings: “It is important that businesses recognise how much value workers place on the perks and incentives they receive. Providing a benefits package that takes note of what people want can help increase staff loyalty and good feeling towards your brand”.

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