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The Rise of the Robot – how to supercharge your skills to outsmart AI



The Rise of the Robot - how to supercharge your skills to outsmart AI

By Carol Gaskell, Managing Director of  Full Potential Group

According to recent global reports[i]the financial sector is one of the top ‘at risk’ professions threatened by advances in big data and machine learning. Accountants are being replaced by algorithms capable of analysing financial data and completing tax returns, computers are being used to make stock trades faster and even predict how the market will react, and even automated systems are under development to potentially replace high level bankers.

Carol Gaskell

Carol Gaskell

But research[ii] by the McKinsey Global Institute has found that humans still have the edge over AI in many areas including skills prevalent in the finance sector such as pattern recognition and matching, logical reasoning, creativity and innovation, complex problem solving, emotional intelligence and negotiation skills. The key is knowing how to build and leverage that super human brain power that AI can’t replicate. This is where neuroscience can help by using certain techniques to improve your brain fitness. The healthier your brain, the more agile it becomes, making it easier to adapt to change and to learn new skills, creating future leaders that can out-think, out-create and out-perform the competition – in this case, AI.

Human brain v robots

The human brain is very different from AI. Both have unique strengths and completely different functions and so should not be compared.

Human Brain   Artificial Intelligence
Pattern recognition & matching   Linear and sequential processing
Creative   Linear & repetitive
Process information slowly   Process information fast
Good at coaching   Good at instruction
Finds meaning from information   Provides information/content
Good at innovation   Good at improvisation
Experiential learning   Rote learning
Focusses on the why & how   Focuses on the what & how
Thinker   Expert
Solve complex problems   Identifies problems
Limited memory   Unlimited memory
Emotion   Reason
People industries   Machine industries
Dynamic content   Set content
Human Brain Vs AI

Human Brain Vs AI

Instead, employers should focus on developing the strengths of humans and leave AI to focus on the tasks that they’re naturally better at so human and robot can work side by side. The fear of humans losing their jobs to AI in the future is only valid if humans are trying to do what AI is best at.

Focusing on the tasks that require a more emotional, logical and creative approach such as financial strategy, anticipating clients’ future investment needs, creating forward thinking, innovative financial products, and pulling together agile teams, the areas where financial professionals can excel beyond AI, leaving AI with the more repetitive, process driven jobs. Robots then becomes an accelerator of what man wants to achieve – to work smarter and faster than ever before.

As Paul Daugherty, chief information and innovation officer of Accenture said on a panel at the Dreamforce learning event in San Francisco, in the future there is “going to be a fusion of both: in essence giving people super powers to do more. Yes, there’ll be jobs that are eliminated, but there’ll be tremendous opportunity for humans to do new things in new creative ways – work that’s more creative, fulfilling and meaningful.”

Learning gives humans the advantage 

Drivers that optimise brain performance

Drivers that optimise brain performance

Learning is the DNA of the mind but also the DNA of any progressive and competitive organisation, and it’s what gives humans an advantage over AI. Robots can’t compete against man’s natural ability to recognize complex problems and patterns and engage various modes of thinking to create innovative solutions for that problem. Being learning agile means being able to learn and re-learn quickly from experience so you can continuously adapt and adjust to new systems, strategies, structures and technology, fast and easy – a skill that will not only help finance professionals survive, but also thrive in a financial world of continuous disruptive change. Individuals that can learn from experience is also ever more important as organisations become more complex and dynamic.

Humans can also continuously develop their own learning agility by continuously being curious, experimenting with ideas, approaching problems from new angles and getting results under tougher conditions.

The six drivers to boost brain agility 

However, humans aren’t born with brain agility. It’s something we have to learn and develop.

There are six drivers that boost brain agility, which are brain fitness; pro-active stress coping skills; sleep; movement; mindset/attitude and nutrition. These drivers significantly affect our brain health, memory, focus, cognition and energy, thereby impacting our ability to perform at work including reducing stress and accidents and increasing engagement and wellbeing.

Brain fitness– average brain fitness is only 48%, the ideal is 80% or more, and it’s the degree to which we fully integrate and flex between all areas of our brain.Our brains are divided into two halves. The right side for big picture thinking and the left for logic, facts and detail. We all have a dominant hemisphere. Typically, we use each hemisphere alternately. Using your whole brain underpins its ability to be brain fit.It means our brains are in-flow, learning fast and effectively, committing as little human error as possible and being able to concentrate while engaging the whole brain effortlessly during cognitive processes like learning and thinking.

To boost brain performance, encourage greater flexibility between the hemispheres through mental activities like chess, crosswords, playing a musical instrument or exercises that require crossing of the body’s midline such as martial arts, swimming and dancing.

Movement and exercise– the more we move, the more we secrete positive neurotransmitters, increasing concentration and reducing stress.  Exercise also increases dendritic growth, so our brain cells receive more information from other neurons. Try stretching at your desk, have meetings standing up, and go for a walk at lunchtime.

 Stress – stress is the brain’s worst enemy. The inhibitor chemicals it produces immediately compromise brain performance. Our less-dominant brain hemisphere ‘switches off’ immediately under stress, so we only have access to half of our normal brain functionality. To overcome the negative impact of stress, develop stress coping skills such as exercise and breathing. Recognise your stress triggers and take action before they take hold of your mental wellbeing including breaking things down into bitesize pieces so they’re more manageable.

 Sleep – just one night of sleep deprivation affects our ability to retain new information. Our brainwaves slow to alpha frequency as we rest, theta frequency when we feel drowsy, then delta waves in dreaming and deep sleep so ensure to get at least five hours of deep sleep a night to keep your brain fit and agile. 

Nutrition– our eating habits impact our brain health, as essential brain chemicals – neurotransmitters – need a protein rich diet along with good hydration to thrive. Fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts, natural oils, fish, chicken and lots of water all help.

 Attitude – maintaining a positive outlook at work is also crucial for brain health because positive thoughts stimulate the secretion of neuro-transmitters which boost quality thinking and creativity. But if we respond to stress with negative thoughts, we’ll secrete inhibitor chemicals which block or limit the flow of electro-chemical impulses and reduce brain performance.

So, consider the environment in which you work. What changes could be made to improve your brain fitness and performance and are there also some lifestyle choices you could make to help improve your health and wellbeing?

By creating a workplace that encourages neuro-agility, finance organisations will develop and future proof their talent, improve performance and reduce risk for human error, significantly increasing a company’s return on its human workforce investment.

By Carol Gaskell, Managing Director at Full Potential Group, a top leadership and talent development firm and specialist in neuro-agility.

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How You Can Make Money From Home



How You Can Make Money From Home 1

There is no secret to making money online, the only secret is your persistence. Hidden away between the tips on starting a wine club, taking up a photography club or joining the wine revolution, there are smart tips that anyone could use to earn money online without having to quit their day job. We have written lots about the many ways people abroad to help finance their lives.

A good place to start with online jobs is with paid surveys. Surveys pay for your time and allow you to earn a bit of extra cash. The reason you will be able to earn more than what you are actually worth is that a survey company will pay to send you their questionnaire so that you can answer it. The more accurate and detailed your answers the more likely you are to get paid.

There are many survey companies available, you need to choose wisely and carefully as some surveys are paid better than others. For example, you may get paid well if you give an opinion on the health of wine or food. You may get paid just as well if you offer an opinion on which type of music you like.

Another great way to make money online is to write articles. You could write an article and then sell it to an affiliate. If someone likes what they read you will get a commission.

If you are unable to write or if you do not have the time, you could hire someone to write for you. This could be someone who has experience in web content writing or a freelance writer. You could also sell your own articles on an affiliate website such as Clickbank or Commission Junction.

It is easy to make money, it can take some time but it is definitely possible. All you need is determination and discipline to keep at it.

Many people overseas have chosen to live off the grid lifestyle. There are many benefits to living this way and one of them is being able to make money from home.

There are also a lot of opportunities to make money doing research online, there is a constant increase in the amount of knowledge that is available to the public. It is much easier to research and discover new ways of earning money. and you can get started in a short space of time. So, I encourage you to give it a go.

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by becoming a blogger. It really is very easy to become a blogger. Just type ‘blogging’ into Google and then fill in all the details. It is easy and it can even start to look lucrative.

Blogging is a good way to earn money if you have an understanding of the basics. You need to write about something that interests you. This could be about your family life, your interests or even a hobby that you like.

Once you have set up a good website for your blog, the next step is to get visitors to it. One way of doing this is by putting up advertisements. This is just the same as writing articles for other websites.

Some people choose to make money by selling products. You can do this in two ways, through a site such as eBay or through affiliate marketing. You could sell e-books or products related to the niche you are blogging about. The great thing about eBay is that there is always a steady flow of visitors.

These two ways are only two of the many ways to make money online. I recommend you look at all the options and find the ones that work best for you. Once you have found them, you will never stop learning about ways to make money online.

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How To Avoid the Risks of Poor Credit



How To Avoid the Risks of Poor Credit 2

Security Finance is an unsecured debt collecting agency that, via a network of affiliated companies, provides “secure” personal loans to consumers who may otherwise struggle to meet their existing debts. Their loans are generally short-term, and their conditions often vary dramatically from those of traditional short term personal loans. The services they provide can be invaluable to both the consumer and the lender.

Security finance offers a wide variety of loans. These include: home equity loans, revolving credit lines, commercial and business loans, car and motorcycle loans, and other types of unsecured loans. These loans can be used for almost any purpose, and they will be more beneficial to the consumer than those offered by banks and other unsecured lenders.

Secured personal loans offer an excellent alternative to the high rate of interest paid by unsecured loans. The interest rates are often less, the terms are easier to meet, and they are often better suited to meeting a consumer’s unique financial situation. The collateral provided with the loan usually allows security that the loan will be repaid in a reasonable amount of time, with little or no difficulty.

Secured loans require the debtor to place collateral, such as his or her car, home, or other valuable asset, in order to receive the money they have been borrowing, and are therefore considered by the debt collector as an attempt to recover something that has been taken. Debt collectors will not hesitate to call a borrower who does not follow the terms of his or her loan agreement and in some cases will go as far as harassing them, calling and/or sending letters in an attempt to collect on a debt.

When applying for a secured personal loan, many borrowers are worried that the debt will affect their credit score. The fact is that there is virtually no correlation between the amount of credit available and the credit score. However, secured loans will typically have a much lower credit score than unsecured loans. This is because the borrower is putting his or her assets in a bank account where they are likely to be liquidated for payment.

It is important to remember that the loan does not negatively affect the credit history. The only time it can result in damage to a credit report is if it is reported incorrectly. If a borrower were to try to pay off a loan on a credit card that was reported as being “lost”, he or she would then be making the error a second time.

Security finance offers consumers an exceptional opportunity for personal development through the use of online applications, and the ability to make several payments on the same day to avoid late fees and penalties. This service also makes it easy to avoid late fees when paying loans off at the end of the month.

The ability to apply for secured loans online provides a tremendous opportunity for the consumer to improve his or her credit score. Security loans can provide a large number of benefits to people who are in financial difficulty, including: low cost, low rate loans, low credit, and the flexibility of being able to make multiple payments.

If you are considering applying for a secured loan but have never applied online, you should take advantage of the opportunity to make several purchases in a short period of time, rather than waiting until the last minute to apply for an unsecured loan. By using the secured finance website, you can save yourself the time and stress associated with filling out an application and can ensure that your credit report shows your financial progress accurately.

Once you have applied for a secured loan, you should also make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of your loan, including any interest rate that may apply to the loan. Be sure that you understand the term of the loan in full and fully. Do not hesitate to ask any questions that may arise. You should always contact the company directly when you feel that you are not fully clear on a matter regarding a loan.

Secured finance loans are a great way to increase your credit score while avoiding the hassle and expense of filling out and paying off an application by mail. Because the borrower is making a direct deposit of money into an account, the credit report that shows up on credit reports is often inaccurate.

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How To Find Free Rates On Money Exchange



How To Find Free Rates On Money Exchange 3

Money is a common item that can be bought, traded, exchanged or sold. This usually includes the value of the currency as well as gold and silver. Money is commonly accepted as payment of certain obligations, including taxes, and payment of certain goods and services in a specific country or socioeconomic context.

There are three money systems in the world. The first is the use of coins or other units of currency, which are available in fixed denominations. The second is barter. It involves exchanging items of utility with other items of utility. In the third system, known as fiat money, there is no central authority that decides what the money supply is, and the monetary base is determined by political will.

The most common monetary system is the gold standard, which was used as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. In this system, coins were designed to be redeemable for gold bars. Gold, however, had a relatively high price at the time, and most individuals had no access to it. Barter is much more popular today, and most people live their lives in barter, trading items with one another.

In some nations, the second money system is called paper money. Most countries have national currencies, and each government issues money in the name of their country. This type of money is not backed by anything of physical value. It is not held by the government or bank. It is simply made from paper. Since most countries use this kind of money, it is known as the official “money” of the country.

Electronic cash was introduced in 1970. This system is very similar to barter. Instead of bartering for items, electronic money is created electronically. It is created electronically to represent actual objects that can be used as payment, and then is transferred to the buyer. The process is very similar to barter, except that there are no actual goods to be bartered for. It is considered a virtual currency.

There are many different types of money, and each one has its own characteristics. Money in the U.S. has a backing and is created by the federal reserve. Money in England is backed by the pound sterling, while the European Central Bank in Germany uses the euro. has a currency known as the Deutschmark.

Each form of money has its own advantages and disadvantages. People who use different forms of money have their own reasons for doing so. Many people choose to exchange one form of money for the other, to get the best rate on an item they need or want. Some choose the same form of money for more than one transaction.

Money exchange services offer different services to help people get the best rates on money exchange. They include a variety of methods that can help someone get a better rate. Rates vary depending on the length of time you wish to get money, the size of your order, and the current value of the item you are exchanging. Some of these services can also provide you with a credit card or other form of online payment to transfer your money through.

These services are available almost everywhere. You may call around to various companies for rates, or you can check out the Internet. There are several places on the Web that will give you free quotes, and compare rates among companies. It is important that you understand the rules and regulations that govern the rates you receive from these companies before you agree to any deal.

There are several different online providers. You will often find them listed under the names of a variety of different names, such as Money Exchange, Moneygram and eCash. If you are interested in getting quotes from multiple companies, make sure to ask around for quotes from at least three. so that you have a clear picture of how much the rates will vary and from which company to go with.

Many places will offer you a variety of free quotes if you fill out a form. Others will charge a fee for this service. To get an estimate, you should send out several free quotes. and then make sure to follow up with the companies.

To be able to get the best rates, it is very important that you get as many quotes as possible from different companies on the Internet. There are many sites that you can go to. Some will charge a fee to get these quotes.

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