Bold initiative promises savings of at least one million pounds in first year

Taulia Inc., the market leading provider for supplier financing, announced today the continuation of its Million Pound Guarantee programme for 2014. First introduced in 2013, Taulia’s Million Pound Guarantee programme has successfully demonstrated that customers will realise at least one million pounds in savings from dynamic discounting within the first year of implementation. The programme was initially slated to expire after 2013, but due to overwhelming market demand Taulia is reintroducing the saving guarantee for 2014.

Taulia has made achieving one million in savings even easier with the recent launch of Taulia Enhanced Discounting, which allows buying organisations to offer their suppliers early payments in exchange for a discount using either their own cash or 3rd party funds. Taulia customers have been tremendously pleased to receive this guarantee as part of the benefit of implementing Taulia’s solutions.

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“With the Million Pound Guarantee, Taulia has put its money where its mouth is to show the effectiveness of its Dynamic Discounting solution,” said Pete Loughlin, managing editor of Purchasing Insight. “This type of guarantee puts to rest any concern organisations may have as to the cost savings potential of an early payment discounting initiative.”

“We are excited to continue offering the Million Pound Guarantee for 2014,” said Joe Hyland, Chief Marketing Officer of Taulia. “Our clients are realising tremendous benefits simply by automating early payments on approved invoices. This risk-free investment generates significant returns and helps to strengthen relationships with suppliers, who are in need of faster payment.”