And Why One UK Direct Mail Company Believe That Stamp Price Increases Is Great News for Businesses

On Monday 26th March 2018, the price of a first-class stamp for a standard letter will increase from 65p to 67p, and a second-class stamp will go from 56p to 58p. When you consider that in 2005, the price of a first-class stamp was just 21p – you can see why so many people/and business are infuriated about these price hikes.

In just 13 years, the cost to get your piece of direct mail into your prospects/customers hands has increased by a whopping 219%. But whereas most rage about the increase, one UK mailing house are delighted.

‘Scribble Mail’ who have the slogan as “Saving The World From Poor-Performing Direct Mail” believe that the increase in stamp prices is great news for businesses that actually send direct mail.

That’s because, the more that stamp costs increase, the fewer people/businesses continue to send post, which means that there’s much less competition on the doormat.


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Scribble Mail send unique handwritten direct mail on behalf of their clients – they don’t use any printing machines like their competition – resulting in their mail looking highly personal and bringing back many nostalgic memories.

Scribble Mail Director, Oli Luke says:

“Every time that stamp prices increase, I read about more and more businesses deciding to stop sending direct mail and redistributing their advertising budget elsewhere. Which means that the businesses that continue to send direct mail and that are happy to pay more, always get better results. It’s simple. The less competition on the doormat results in the higher the chance of your mail being picked up, opened and read.

If the Royal Mail doubled their stamp prices overnight, this would have a positive impact for our clients”