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Company Name: Quicklink Video Distribution Services Ltd

Nature of business: Broadcasting/technology solutions

Locations/markets operate in: Global reach working with business that deal in Live Streaming, Recorded Media, Live News Gathering, Sports and Events, Education, Government and Military, Corporate, Banking and Finance.

Contact Information: Phone: +44 1934 440001 Email: [email protected]

Key Executives:

Managing Director – Richard Rees

Global Head of Sales and Business Development – Bethan Hill

Head of Sales and Business Development Middle East and Africa – Peter Watling

Head of Technical – Jonathan Anderson

Head of Production – Andy Buttery


Customer Training

Technium 2 Swansea
Kings Road
United Kingdom

Quicklink Video Distribution Services Ltd is the leading global provider for cost effective, high quality broadcast solutions in the fields of news, sport, entertainment and corporate media. Our solutions offer the best in class for achieving superb video and audio quality even from slow internet connections. Optimisation of available bandwidth means that outstanding results can be achieved from a variety of connections such as WiFi or 3.5G/4G networks.
Quicklink offers a variety of high quality but low cost Live and Store & Forward solutions from mobile phones, laptops, hardware encoders to video management playout systems, web and hosted solutions.
Quicklink, headquartered in the UK, provides over 400 global TV Stations with both software and hardware IP solutions for the transmission of live and edited video news reports.

Product Services:

Sending Live Media

  • Merlin Backpack
  • Mac Live
  • Windows Live
  • iPhone App
  • Mini Merlin
  • Live Encoder 3008

Sending Recorded Media

  • Windows Store and Forward
  • Mac Store and Forward

Receiving Hardware

  • 3008 1U server
  • 3257pl 2U server SD/HD

Content Management

  • QMM (Quicklink Media Manager)
  • QMM Lite
  • IFB Server
  • IFB Talkback App
  • Integration and Repurposing Server

Hosted Services

  • News Warehouse

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