Sidetrade (Euronext Growth: ALBFR.PA), dedicated Artificial Intelligence customer engagement platform, announced the launch of DigitalCase on Friday 16th June 2017 during the VivaTechnology event.

Available since the 21st of September, this new solution can improve the quality of customer relationships by equipping Customer Services teams with Artificial Intelligence technology to facilitate claim handling.

Oliver Novasque, Sidetrade Founder and CEO, states:

“DigitalCase greatly simplifies the work of the Customer Service, regardless of the department it belongs to. In an increasingly demanding customer environment, client relationships are essential to stay competitive. Artificial Intelligence now allows all companies to optimize their customer engagement.”

Artificial Intelligence at the service of the customer’s satisfaction In the digital age, customer relationships evolve towards conversational. Today, Sidetrade adds DigitalCase to their software suite, a solution dedicated to improving customer relationships. Sidetrade becomes the first Artificial Intelligence platform to cover the entire customer cycle and now targets Marketing, Sales, and Finance as well as Customer Service departments.

“DigitalCase puts Artificial Intelligence at the service of customer relations. Free from low-value tasks, such as identification of the representative, the nature of the problem, and guided in their collaboration with the parties involved in its resolution, Customer Support teams can now fully devote themselves to what matters most to them: the satisfaction of the client,” explains Jean-Cyril Schütterlé, Sidetrade VP Product and Data Science.

The power of Deep Learning and Machine Learning A collaborative customer service ticket management solution, Digital Case accelerates the resolution of disputes and claims via Artificial Intelligence.

Deep Learning’s algorithms make it possible to identify and to qualify the customer’s e-mails to automatically assign the requests to the Support Agent in charge of the account. The e-mails are classified according to the type of the customer’s requests. Service engagement levels are calculated based on the nature of the ticket to process. The information coming from any contributor are internally shared and automatically consolidated in a single access point. Communication becomes more relevant, every claim is assigned, response and processing times are considerably improved by a more collaborative and efficient work. Finally, Customer Service drives its productivity through real- time dispute resolution dashboards.

“DigitalCase Artificial Intelligence is not designed to replace a human, but to reposition Customer Service on some topics with higher added value. The company thus reduces friction with the customers and improves its responsiveness and efficiency. The customer conversations are simplified and the Support Agents transform themselves into real experts,” adds Jean-Cyril Schütterlé.

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