About The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank (SCSB)

The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank (SCSB) was founded in Shanghai, China in 1915 with the aspiration of “Service to Society, support for industry, and prosperity to enhance international trade.” SCSB’s initial aims were to encourage savings and to accumulate social capital. Since the founding of SCSB, it has stayed true to the mission of contributing to society and emphasizing talent development. Whatever benefits society is what it commits itself to.

shanghai commercial
shanghai commercial

Therefore, SCSB has spearheaded industry-leading financial services and enjoy robust growth. As of 1931, SCSB became one of the largest privately-run banks in China. In 1927, SCSB establishes the first licensed Travel Agent in China, China Travel Service, a wholly-owned subsidiary that provides convenient travel service to the general public. In 1954, SCSB established a Head Office in Taiwan and formally reopened for business in 1965.
With corporate banking as its core business, SCSB also specializes in foreign exchange, trade finance, small and medium sized enterprise financing services as well as mortgage and wealth management services. To provide well-rounded financial services to our customers, SCSB continues to increase its domestic and overseas service network, engage in the research and development of new financial products and services, continue to cultivate financial and banking professionals and enhance its risk management. It is poised to become “one of the best Chinese Banks across the Taiwan Strait” and a regional commercial bank in Asia.

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