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Safe-T is a fast growing information security start-up with a vision to protect data in transit and at rest by securing business workflows in the most simple and seamless way. Focused on providing security solutions for enterprises with a focus on financial institutions, Safe-T enables organizations to benefit from enhanced productivity and efficiency, heightened security, and improved regulatory compliance.

Locations/also markets it operates in:
With offices in London, New York and Tel Aviv, Safe-T provides solutions to insurance companies, financial organisations, healthcare, universities, public safety organisations, manufacturers and technology transfer companies globally.

Contact Information

Ronen Kenig
Ronen Kenig

Yifat Avikasis
Phone: -646-706-5575
U.S Mobile: 646-6454768
Mobile: +972-50-289-2393
[email protected]

Key Executives

  • Amir Mizhar – Founder and CEO
  • Roei Haberman – Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Ronen Kenig – VP Marketing and Products

Safe-T is a provider of secure front end and enterprise collaboration solutions for the entire scope of data security including secure e-mail, managed file transfer, and data scanning. Safe-T’s unique open extensible and customizable architecture, integrates with third party security and enterprise applications and solutions, for end-to-end security coverage across business processes. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Safe-T provides solutions to insurance companies, financial organizations, healthcare, universities, public safety organizations, manufacturers and technology transfer companies, enabling them to protect intellectual property, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and reduce IT costs.

Founded in 2007, key clients include Weizman Institute, Haifa University, ECI, Coca Cola, Psagot Investment house, MVS Insurance.

As part of Safe-T’s Data Protection Suite they provide integrations with security solutions from IBM, HP, Websense, Oracle, Trend Micro, Microsoft, AVAST, Nod32, Bit Defender, Avira.


Safe-T Box
Safe-T’s Secure Data Exchange Platform, named Safe-T Box is a highly integrated and secured platform which enables enterprises to create customized secure data exchange flows. Using Safe-T Box, enterprises can regain control of their sensitive data flowing out and into the organization, while reducing the costs of managing the data and increasing staff efficiency.

Safe-T Box has these three key functions:
Integration with enterprise applications and storage systems – enables applications to easily check-in and check-out sensitive data to / from Safe-T Box without changing the applications mode of operations and without changing the applications’ code. Safe-T Box includes 120 connectors which enable smooth integration with enterprise applications, storage systems and security tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle, IBM AS400, Salesforce, anti-viruses, DLP tools and many more.

Safe-T provides the benefit of reducing the amount of in-house IT resources required for implementation. In addition to already being in a leadership position by providing the largest number of pre-programmed integration points, Safe-T has the vision of providing an app store where connectors would be available to everyone, thereby accelerating the process of providing secure data exchange.

Automated data processing – performed based on a pre-defined automated process that usually includes user authentication, data scanning and data encryption. The entire automated process is controlled by the Safe-T Federation Control Studio, a user-friendly, centralized and intuitive process designer that allows enterprises to create, edit and manage workflows.

Very adaptable and easily customized for the specific data flows for each company, Safe-T enables organizations to comply with regulations more quickly and to modify their security solution more easily to respond to the dynamic business environment.

Secure transfer of encrypted data – ensure data is securely transferred to its destination and that it can only be accessed by the authorized recipient. Safe-T offers several solutions to securely deliver the sensitive data to its destination including encrypted emails, secure managed file transfer, file synching through folders, file share through secure Dropbox for the organization, Web portal and Mobile.

Safe-T RSAccess
Safe-T’s RSAccess Secure Front End is a disruptive front-end perimeter security solution that eliminates the need to store sensitive data in the DMZ (demilitarized zone) and to maintain incoming firewall ports, which can expose the internal network to cyber-attacks. RSAccess reduces the risk of cyber-attacks and simplifies network configurations resulting in reduced operating expenses and the costs associated with data loss.

RSAccess paves the path to the elimination of the traditional role of the DMZ and improves security by closing incoming firewall ports, preventing hackers from accessing the internal network and eliminating sensitive data from the applications servers and database in the DMZ.

Providing an immediate cost savings by eliminating duplicated application licenses and the hardware costs of front-end servers, RSAccess also introduces operational efficiency by eliminating the need for constant data synchronization between the internal application servers and the servers at the DMZ.

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