RoboForex: the company, personifying progress

When entering a stock exchange market, many beginner traders are dreaming to reach the heights that once were conquered by Warren Buffett, Linda Raschke, Glenn Neely and Cynthia Kase. But not many of us know that on their way to success, these financial luminaries overcame a great number of financial, social, and psychological difficulties supported only by their ineradicable self-belief and persistence.RoboForex

In comparison with them, the way of traders from Eastern Europe to the top of financial mount Olympus is even more complicated. Apart from the problems with choosing an effective trading strategy, money-management and trading discipline, they have to deal with a great number of unfair Dealing Centers. Such centers, which are sprouting like mushrooms after the summer rains, follow the only rule – to prevent their clients from making money by any possible means. Their actions often bring discredit to the whole branch of eastern European Forex market and shatter traders’ confidence in it. However, there are some centers that care about their reputation and don’t think that reputation is something meaningless, they would never be greedy or unfair in order to benefit from their clients failures and gain “here-and-now” profit.

One of the best examples of a modern, high-speed, and professional trading is the RoboForex Company.

Non Stop development
“Nowadays traders value the most the following two key factors: speed of order execution and safety of trading”, says German Frizen, Chief marketing officer of the RoboForex Company. “By safety of trading we mean the absence of OTC risks, a reliable direct connection to liquidity providers, and a constant update of quotes. Also I should note that analytical aspect is equally important if you want to become more successful: financial news, technical and fundamental analysis, forecasts, and other essential information, which can help traders to follow the market conjuncture and make better decisions.”

“Over 2 years of dynamic development, we’ve created and implemented several innovative products, which together with quality informational support help our clients to realize their own trading potential to the full extent, and to use their trading robots and expert advisors. It is mostly due to, among other things, STP (Straight Through Processing) technology, which gives a great advantage in speed of order execution.”

“In addition to a wide range of attractive trading conditions”, continues German Frizen, “We are constantly offering our clients new bonus programs for different account types and trading terminals, including their mobile versions. Continuing the development, over the last month the Company has introduced several major innovations:”

– a new service, “TRADING Central Analytics” from TRADING Central Company, the world’s most reliable expert in this area. The services of this company are popular among both regular participants of a stock exchange market and many of the world’s largest banks, as the analytical reviews provided by TRADING Central describe the current market situation very precisely and accurately.

– an addition of one of the world’s most popular and widely-used payment systems, Payoneer. A cooperation agreement reached between our companies says about Payoneer’s trust in RoboForex and the company’s recognition of our intentions and long-term future projects. Until November 1st 2012, our clients have an opportunity to issue Payoneer MasterCard debit card free of charge. In the future, they will be offered an annual service fee for a Payoneer card on special terms and at reduced rates.

Deserved recognition

“In the addition to the above mentioned”, says German Frizen, “this year RoboForex has become a Silver Sponsor of a very prestigious annual world contest, Automated Trading Championship 2012 with the Prize of $80,000. This year’s contest, the sixth overall, is traditionally held by MetaQuotes Software Corp, the world’s leading software development company for online trading (including MetaTrader trading platform).”

“Titus Livius Patavinus, a Roman historian, was absolutely right when he said “Trust often obliges fidelity”. RoboForex truly appreciates its clients’ and partners’ trust by strictly observing their rights and interests, providing them with the most advanced trading technologies and conditions, which improve the trading process and results.”
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