Ethical services like Booster remove reputation management burden from companies without resorting to black hat tactics

LOGOSocial media has changed the way companies do business. The highly accessible nature of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, and other social networking and review sites allows businesses to interact directly with their customers. But along with that accessibility comes increased vulnerability to publicly posted bad feedback and malicious attacks — and, since a 2013 study by Dimensional Research found that 88% of consumers rely on online reviews prior to purchasing, negative comments, bad reviews and outright trolling can have devastating effects on a company’s bottom line.

Restoring a damaged reputation online can be an overwhelming task. Not every business has the knowledge or training to effectively manage its own reputation, and many often do more harm than good when they try. Worse, some companies can fall prey to unethical reputation managers who utilize outdated “black hat” methods, or spam SEO techniques that result in Google search listing penalties for the client.

Fortunately, there is another option: authentic, ethical reputation management services like Booster. Booster takes a novel and highly effective approach to reputation management by combining its mystery shopper service with honest, positive reviews and feedback based on the client’s actual products and services.

Within 48 hours of mobilizing its network of mystery shoppers and commencing a reputation management campaign, Booster can establish a positive online presence for a client. In addition to Booster mystery shoppers posting a steady stream of honest reviews, the Booster reputation managers create positive content about the client and provide proactive, ongoing reputation management so negative comments never become the primary narrative about a client.

Booster offers three packages — Personal, Business, and Executive — providing progressively comprehensive reputation management services. The Business and Executive packages, for example, include press release writing and distribution on the client’s behalf, along with monthly reports that detail all efforts and results. The Executive package offers premium reputation management, with additional content like WikiPedia pages and comparative websites, all aimed at establishing and maintaining a positive reputation. All Booster packages include a 90-day money-back guarantee.

“Reputation management can be time-consuming and is becoming a full-time job,” explained Stephanie Biggs, Booster Account Manager. “Booster handles every aspect of our clients’ online reputations, according to their specific needs, so they can get back to running their businesses.”

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